Sometimes when a dark cloud passes over the Clyde and rains incessantly (here, we call that summertime) even the proudest Glaswegian can get a wee bit down in the dumps. You might find yourself tempted to get out of the city for a while, god forbid even chase the sun over to Edinburgh. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes all you need is a heartwarming list of things which make our Dear Green Place so lovely, even when it’s more grey than green, so have a read and see if we can spread some lovely sunny Glasgow banter into your day.

1. Optimism

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Hey. I’ve seen those Dyson ads. They look bloody amazing contraptions, and quite frankly I’d be surprised if they couldn’t hoover up puddles. That’s the spirit, pal.

2. Grace in the face of rejection

Screenshot 2016-02-16 15.11.20

There is nothing quite like spending an hour wobbling about that awful hill they call Scott Street on a Saturday night making all the best chat in the ABC queue only to trip at the final hurdle (literally) and get sent home by the bouncers (via Chunky Chicken). But we all try to take it with class, amma right?

3. No nonsense attitude

As much as I dislike having to share this numpty’s content anywhere, this tweet really made me smile. Proud of you, Glasgow.

4. Great at queueing

IMG_5227You’d be forgiven for thinking this queue was for Greggs, not Subway (hahahahaha). Who doesn’t love queueing up and hoping that you won’t get stuck sitting next to the police horse on the wee toy train we call an underground?

5. Generosity

Welcome to Glasgow!


Well, isn’t that just an excuse to get a new car if ever I saw one? Lovely!

6. Excellent Fashion Sense

GL cone

Have you seen that headgear? To be fair, you’d have to be pretty unobservant to miss the famous Duke of Wellington and his noble steed. I really enjoyed the S/S ’13 addition of the seagull. Stay fresh.

7. Street art appreciation


From commonwealth athletes to supersized satellites, the Glasgow street art scene is there to be discovered. Get out there with this handy guide and see what you can find.

8. A sunny disposition


Outdoor living, Glasgow style. No, this isn’t photoshop blue sky


These weren’t even taken on the same day, I swear.


Still no taps aff though, please.

9. Solid morals

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The man makes an excellent point.

10. Melodious accents (and Kevin Bridges, of course)

What other lovely Glasgow traits have we missed from this list? Drop us a comment!