We thought long and hard about what could possibly be number one on our list Glasgow, literally wracking our brains to come up with something that encompasses everything brilliant about the city that nearly 600,000 of us call home.

Time and time again our ideas were great, inspired even, but they weren’t that hole in one, the touchdown, last minute in off the post, spectacular needed for our number one. Truth be told that’s why there was such a long pause between our last published “10 Reasons” and this one.

Suddenly it hit us, no seriously, literally, hit us, walking down Sauchiehall Street when we accidentally bumped into someone, immediately and without hesitation both of us turned around and apologised.

It was in that moment that we realised, there could only have ever been one justifiable winner, one aspect of Glasgow that trumps everything else, something that the rest of the world glances over with a hint of envy, and one true aspect that the rest of the world will never be able to replicate.

people make Glasgow

It was you, Glasgow, each and every single one of you, going about your everyday life, inimitably proud, undeniably humble, unforgettably Glaswegian.

The last few years have been quite taxing for the people of Glasgow, The Clutha tragedy, The Bin Lorry Tragedy, mere days before Christmas, The Mackintosh Glasgow School of Art building being almost burned to the ground or recently the senseless death of Irish student Karen Buckley.

glasgow defiant

Each one seemed to strike hard into the soul of Glasgow, like a boxer jabbing an opponent in quick succession, the opponent seemingly destined to crash to the canvas. However Glasgow proved time and again they are made of sterner stuff.

The true test of character is how a person (or a city in Glasgow’s situation) reacts to tragedy, and the people of Glasgow always react impeccably.

Whether it be the placing of the Thank You sign on the fireman remembrance statue outside Glasgow Central following the Mackintosh fire. The ocean of flowers outside the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) after the bin lorry tragedy, the outpouring of grief following the Clutha helicopter tragedy, each harrowing moment strengthening Glasgow’s defiant resolve.


They say in life (and in Rocky Balboa) “It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you get hit, and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward.”

It’s in times of tragedy and crisis, when ego disappears, when people are left with nothing but their true self, that a true sense of perspective is born. Rather than look outward to point fingers and assert blame, Glasgow and its inhabitants look inward to self and say who are we? How do we react to this, with the eyes of the world focused on Glasgow watching intently waiting for their their next step. Glaswegians draw courage, look back straight into the eyes of the world, take a deep breath, absorb the sorrow, wipe the tears from their eyes and take a step forward.

love and light

Glaswegians, and probably the Scottish people as a nation realise that pain is as important in life as happiness. Without pain and sadness we can have no reflection and comparison for happiness and joy, and that’s why even in times of tragedy the first person to alleviate the sadness, to crack a joke, to attempt to put a smile on a thousand heartbroken faces will be a Glaswegian.

Football and politics for generations divided Glasgow (and in some cases families) but it could never destroy it. Glaswegians are accepting of all, fearing of none, always have and always will. It’s in times of tragedy that you see who you really are.

Glaswegians aren’t perfect but the city they incorporate moves forward and is evolving, the Commonwealth Games showed the world that the Dear Green Place is mature enough to hold major sporting events, host same sex marriages, hold relatively peaceful debates on the future of the country, each time the people of Glasgow were commended and admired for their attitude and behaviour.


That’s why there could only ever be one recipient and our top reason for Glasgow being the greatest city in the world. You.

Each and every individual person who calls the city of Glasgow home.

Congratulations Glasgow. You’re remarkable.