Did you hear? Finnieston is one of the hippest places to live not just in Glasgow, not just in Scotland, but in the whole of the UK! Take that, Byre’s Road! See ya later, Hyndland! Now, don’t get me wrong. Here at Glasgow Living we are super proud of our lovely city and we love every inch of it. But maybe we love winding up the hipsters just a tiny bit more. Recognise any of these signs? Tread carefully. Finnieston is fast becoming a one way street to becoming a West End Wendy, and whilst that’s an enormously useful trait to have in certain situations (all those who want to become infamous on the Overheard in the West End Facebook page, you keep on doing what you do best) it doesn’t always save you from the merciless teasing from fellow Glaswegians. You have been warned.

1. You’ve started carrying around a Moleskine for an autograph just in case Usher comes back and you happen to run into him (cos selfies are so Kim K 2015 and we are over that now.)

Even Usher goes to Finnieston. Or at the very least, people who look like Usher. The man knows where to get the highest quality tea strainers in Glasgow, who’d have thought it?

2. You might not have actually watched the Big Lebowski but you’ve had every single White Russian on the menu, thanks.

Those folks at Lebowski’s do know how to mix a good grown-up milkshake though.

Image from Lebowski’s Facebook

3. Buying fruit and veg anywhere other than Roots and Fruits feels just, a bit, inadequate.

To be fair, after the recent Tesco fruit and veg fiasco we could possible forgive you for placing all your faith in this wonderful Glasgow establishment. But sometimes the panic that ensues when they run out of Seitan is just too entertaining to ignore.


4. Hair Salons and Cocktail Bars are the same thing in your book.

A fabulous blow dry without a martini in hand is like the Riverside Museum without the Tall Ship. One should never exist without the other.

#thursdaytreats #complimentarybar #barsnacks #dyacomehereoften

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5. You’re the first one to hype about a night at SWG3 cos you can be in bed (via Bon Appetit for a pizza) within 5 minutes of walking out.

Warehouse parties are still cool, right?

Image Courtesy SWG3 Facebook

6. Sometimes you catch yourself fantasising about what it would be like to have a subway stop.

But then you remember that the subway is super lame and would probably ruin the vibes. Ain’t nobody got time for the funny underground smell.


7. Your instagram is full of pics like this:

#fipsters #lovinlife #riverside #glasgowshippest (hahaha maybe Finnieston is hip because of the ships, which makes it shipster? can we make that a thing?)

#night #view of #Glasgow on the way for #starwars #roundtwo

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8. Going to the Hidden Lane affords a certain, warm feeling of pride that you ever managed to find it in the first place.

Must be a local now. Bonus points if you sometimes only go in the hope of accidentally on purpose bumping into Belle and Sebastian on their way to the studios.


9. You’ve finally made your way around most of the restaurants, and trying to choose between them is now slightly less stressful than finding something to watch on Netflix.

Crabshakk Mondays, Gannet Wednesdays, Finnieston Thursdays, 78 Sundays… what a wonderful conundrum to have. Don’t even get us started on the bars.

10. Reading this article has made you feel even more certain that you are a fipster (Finnieston hipster) and proud through and through and probably couldn’t ever leave, even if you tried.

They may take our current title of hippest place in the UK, but they will never take our blatantly superior Piece sandwich shop.

“the piece sandwich shop here compared to the one on great western is so much better” – anonymous fipster


Image Courtesy of Piece Finnieston Facebook page