Scotland although deemed quite forward thinking in the eyes of the world, still has some pretty crazy laws still legally binding. Believe it or not breaking some of these laws could technically result in you being beheaded for treason.

*We accept no responsibility for any of the below especially anyone caught drink horsing*

11. Bovine Illegality


Have a habit of walking cattle whilst you’re under the influence of alcohol? Well it turns out that you are in fact, breaking the law, an archaic law still in action forbids you from walking farmyard animals down a road after sinking a few beers. As recently as 2009 a man in Newcastle was fined £150 pounds, under the 1872 Licensing Act, for riding a horse down a main street.

10. No Need to Spend a Penny

toilet paper

It is customary in Scotland to allow a person who appears at your door requesting use of your toilet, actual use of your toilet, it is not as previously thought however, legally binding.

9. Influential Alcohol

drink sober

Technically it is illegal for the the owner of a pub to allow anybody on the premises to be under the influence of alcohol.

8. Indecent Communication


A fan of sexting and naughty chat? Did you seek permission before you commenced? No? Well you are indeed breaking the law. In Scotland, under the Sexual Communications Act of 2002, you are by law, required to seek permission from the recipient or you could find yourself on the sex offenders register. At least it’ll put a stop to cheesy chat up lines in nightclubs once and for all.

7. ‘Fur’get About Furring

cruela de vil

In 2002, The Scottish Government outlawed fur farming across the country. The only problem? There hadn’t been a fur farm in Scotland since 1993.

6. Suspicious Salmon


Under the Salmon Act of 1986 it is illegal to handle a salmon suspiciously (How one, indeed handles a salmon suspiciously is still under discussion.)

5. Don’t Show Jim the Mannequin


Apparently it is illegal for a boy under 10 to view a naked mannequin. Although, what’s he supposed to point and snigger at when his parents are dragging him around shops?

4. Money Doesn’t Grow on Treason


Although not illegal to place a stamp upside down on a letter, you can still be tried for treason if you deface currency with the Queen’s face on it. The Currency and Banknotes Act of 1922 forbids people from printing, stamping or writing on currency, The Coinage Act of 1972 also made it illegal to destroy coins in circulation since 1969 unless granted permission by the Treasury.

3. Innocent, Until Proven Not Proven


Solely used in the Scottish court system, Not Proven gives the opportunity for lawyers to prove not whether the Defendant is guilty or not guilty but whether the Prosecution has adequately proven their case.

2. Intoxicated Edinburgh

drinking on street

Although illegal to drink on every public street in Glasgow, in Edinburgh it is still legal to consume alcohol in public. (Although if the police request you to stop and you refuse, you can be fined £500.)

1. Motorway Mishap

empty feul

It is illegal to run out of petrol on any motorway in the UK, in doing so the police have the power to fine you and  there is a strong possibility of you receiving 3 points on your licence.