Guaranteed to melt your brain, if anyone can answer any of these questions, we’ll give you a fiver (maybe).

We need these questions answered…

1. Who was the first person to put a cone on Wellington’s head?

wellington cone

2. We know it’s at least hundreds, but how many miles better is Glasgow?

3. Who first realised deep frying and battering food made it taste heavenly?

piza crunch and chips

4. Just how many burger restaurants are too many?

5. If it was a mathematical sum, how many people do in fact make Glasgow?

people make glasgow

6. Just how difficult is it to start and finish a conversation on the Glasgow Subway?

7. How much dynamite does it actually take to blow up a tower block in Balornock?


8. In reference to the frequently heard club chant “here we, here we, here we f***** go, just where are the Glasgow crowd going?

9. Just how many people’s dreams have been ruined after being chased relentlessly by Partick Thistle’s terrifying mascot, Kingsley?


10. Will it be possible to enter a half eaten chips, cheese and curry sauce into next year’s Turner Prize?

11. Whose idea was it to nickname the South Glasgow University Hospital, the “Death Star”? Have they actually watched Star Wars?

Death Star

12. In fact is it ok if we don’t enter next years Turner Prize, we feel it’s unfair and would like somebody else to win?

13. How many times can an area of Glasgow be referred to as “the new West End”?

West End2

14. At what age does participating in the local young team do you stop being referred to as young?

15. Who was the first person to develop the Glasgow Uni/West End unique accent?

Glasgow Uni accents