What images sum up being a Glaswegian to you? What did we miss? Read on Glasgow, leave a comment below, keep abuse to a minimum please.

16. The Krankies @ Pantomime

A Panto without the Krankies? Is no panto at all. Hold the bus. Wit de ye mean John Barrowman and the “Hoff” got top billing?

15. Singing Kettle @ Everywhere

Any primary school trip ever, would ultimately be spent watching Singing Kettle. Altogether, Spout, Handle, Lid of Metal…

14. Irn Bru and Returnable Gingies

Nothing tastes better than cold Irn Bru ( sorry we couldn’t find somebody drinking out of a glass bottle)

13. Tennent’s

No matter how many times you proclaim to dislike Tennent’s, we defy a Glaswegian male to walk into a bar and order anything else apart from Tennent’s on their first round.

12. Chapping the New Kids Door

The absolute adrenaline rush of being the bold one of your pals who chaps the door to ask if the new kid is coming out to play.

11. Grey Skies

Only makes us appreciate the brighter days so much more.

10. Old Firm

It’s a somewhat sad reflection but you know what areas of the city you can wear your strip and what areas you can’t. Especially on Old Firm day.

9. When the Sun Comes Out

Glasgow Green or George Square at Lunchtime, Pure Belting.

8. Hogmanay

Hogmanay does not have a time scale, it will go on as long as it has to, Hogmanay falls when the last man does.

7. Panini Sticker Books

Nonchalantly getting a Panini sticker album free with The Beano and two weeks later being more addicted to collecting stickers than a crackhead with a 10 grand, 6 year cocaine addiction, chasing the dragon.

6. Getting a Loaf

There was only ever one type of loaf you got sent for.

5. Gonnae No Dae That

You know the correct reply to this catchphrase.

4. Hangin the Washin

The absolute pandemonium when your mum seen a splash of rain hit the window and the washing was in peril on the line.

3. This Familiar Look

Hampden Park in the sun, We Scotland fans have no fun.

2. 5pm Breakfast

Getting a fry up at 5pm on a Sunday and still calling it your breakfast.

1. GBX on a Saturday Night

You’re 45 years old, finishing a PHD, 10 years into a mortgage and still absolute lose it when George Bowie gives you a shout out on a Saturday night. “Awrite Georgey Boy, can a get Discoland for aw the PHD troops”.