Glasgow is responsible for spectacular scenery, it really needs no introduction, (or at the most a very minimal one). So we’ll keep it slim and let the photos do the talking.

Here are 19 majestic photos, however like the evil geniuses we are, GlasgowLiving has hidden a photographic imposter amongst the 18 legit images. Can you expose the culprit?

19. Heavens Above

18. The Shoppers Delight

17. Bright Sky, Open Minds

16. A Familiar Sight

15. Starlight Locomotion

14. Otherworldly

13. New Day, New Life

12. Bright Minds

11. Standing Tall, Shaping the Future

10. Stairway to Heaven

9. Saintly Vision

8. An Imposing Query

7. A Bridge Befitting of Royalty


6. The Centre of Attention

5. Ring in the Morning

4. An Optical Garden


3. A Birds Eye

2. Final Destination

1. The Torn Gate

So Glasgow, did you find the imposter in our Gallery of Glaswegian Grandeur? Be careful before you make your decision, not everything is what it seems!!!