Well Glasgow, we don’t know about you but this summers been a bit miserable, you know its cold, rainy and disheartening when you’re digging out your winter jacket…In July.

19 Pictures That Best Sum Up Our Scottish Summer…

19. Where’s The Suntan Lotion

18. The Bookies Are Never Wrong

17. A Little Lightning, Nothing To Worry About

16. Hmm, A Little More Lightning

15. Okay, Now We’re A Little Nervous

14. At Least The Bad Weather Is Out The Way

13. Wow

12. All Blue Skies And Sunshine From Here Glasgow

11. Think Positive

10. We’ve Still Got A Sunny Outlook

9. Keep Smiling

8. At Least TITP Will Get Some Sunshine…

7. Well At Least That’s The Worst Of It…

6. Brrr, It Seems A Little Chillier Than Usual

5. Where’s The Electric Blanket

4. At Least We’ve Got The Scottish Open To Enjoy

3. Perhaps We’re A Little Disheartened

2. Summer In Scotland

1. Oh Come On, Seriously

 There’s Always August Glasgow.