Ah Glasgow, where the skies are largely grey but the hearts of the people are brighter than that nice summer we had eight years ago. Which one? Och you know the one – the one when we all sat in the West beer garden at least three times and– ach, you know which one. The point is, whatever the weather, or more specifically, storm (we’re looking at you, Bawbag), we can be sure that it’s our droll disposition that the rest of the world can rely upon to make them smile, however confused that smile may be. Either way, one thing’s clear: people really do make Glasgow, and as the following historic moments show, we all do our bit to ensure that even Glasgow out-Glasgows itself once in a while

1. HE SHALL PASS: The moment when just one man and his bike took on the M8…and won

2. When this champ’s yarn-spinning efforts deserved to be, at the very least, applauded


3. When wee Alan took one for the team


4. When Queen Victoria proved herself a worthy rival to the Duke of Wellington with this umbrella accessory


5. And the time Santa got stuck up the Duke of Wellington


6. The time that this representative of the people took a zero-tolerance stance on antisocial behaviour


7. When this gentleman realised that not all heroes wear capes


8. The time this bold yin embarked on the quest to hoover up a puddle


9. When one man upheld the true virtue of ‘no being a clipe’



10. When this sartorial choice was definitely on point


11. When this gran perfectly conducted a lesson in honestly


12.  When this man just couldn’t seem to get rid of the last party straggler


13. When this astute tweeter shared a wise thought on fresh potatoes


14. The mum who knew how to keep the wean in line


15. When even the Glasgow bus was drunk and had to go home

Image: Reddit

16. When Glasgow’s craftiest son decided his mother’s Facebook name should have a catchier ring to it


17. The time that this mum was no way jose going to miss this glorious Proclaimers opportunity:


18. When Glasgow united as one to lure down Fantastic Mr. Fox, who just wanted a slice of Meat Feast


19. And that other time we all joined forces to achieve Twitter greatness


20. In fact, too many Trump trolling times to mention…


21. And when the King of Glasgow himself issued a frosty welcome to the land of the brave



By Laura Blackhurst