Everybody who uses public transport goes through the same soul destroying ritual everyday, its brutal, miserable but strangely enough we kind of like it.

Here are 30 thoughts that everybody who regularly uses Queen St Station will face.

1. Hmm that Camperdown Place serves pints from 8 o clock.


2. Imagine I phoned a sickie. Wait could I?

3. No way, that’s a definite slippery slope, maybe on Friday.

4. Actually look at those people eating a Burger King at 9 in the morning.

5. You’d never catch me doing that.

6. I am pretty hungry though.

7. Lucky I bought this nutritional macaroni pie and sausage roll from Gregg’s.

macaroni pies

8. Sh**, avoid the Jesus people, they got you yesterday.

9. I hate everybody with a suitcase who looks happier than me.

10. Please don’t be a big queue for the ticket machine, please don’t be a big queue for…Dammit.

ticket machine

11. Come on, please hurry up.

12. What’s the delay? Aw hurry up, nobody cares about the reason your card has been declined.

13. Don’t use a second card for £3.40, don’t decline, don’t…

14. F.M.L

15. What’s the point in these barriers, they never work. Maybe today.

ticket barriers

16. Bane of my life.

17. Don’t be my train that’s leaving, don’t be my train that’s leaving…Gutted.

18. Okay let’s avoid sitting beside a weirdo today.

19. Ooft, seriously why is it always so cold downstairs in Queen Street, it’s actual baltic every single day.

lower level queen st

20. Look how gallus the pigeons are down here.

21. Don’t make eye contact with them…Too late.

22. Aw man, there’s four surrounding me now.

23. This bloody Gregg’s.

24. Aw bloody hell, there’s seven of them staring at me now.


25. I look like the bird lady from Home Alone 2.

26. Where is this actual train.

27. I’ve literally never met anybody, from Barnhill or Uphall.

Queen St2

28. That train announcer has literally the worst job in the world.

29. Wonder if she gets paid more than me.

30. At last my train.

31. I seriously need to start driving to work.