You’ve probably been on that bus before. You know, the one where some randomer sits down next to you and proceeds to enlighten you about themselves, often divulging details so intimate that it makes you question their sanity. That’s cause us Weegies are a talkative sort. If you’re the kind of person that relishes a good natter, then podcasts are probably for you. In fact, you probably already listen to some right now.

And if you’re an avid podcast listener like us, you’re probably sick of how every single article that recommends podcasts always seems to talk about what a podcast is, as if most people don’t already own iPhones. Or know how to use Google.

As a podcaster myself, I am a bit obsessed with them. So I’m here to share just a tiny bit of that obsession with you, only with a distinctly Scottish twist. Here are five podcasts that are great for those who like “good chat…”

1. Bridge the Atlantic

Image: Bridge the Atlantic

When I started podcasting one of the first people to reach out to me was one of the co-hosts of this show. I’ve been hooked ever since. Hosted by Canadian singer/songwriter Marcio Novelli and web designer Ross Barber-Smith, Bridge the Atlantic is a video podcast where the two charming co-hosts talk to a veritable plethora of talent within the creative industries. From artists themselves right up to agents, teachers, filmmakers, actors and just about every creative professional in between, these two lads always bring the best out in their guests with their focused, insightful questions on what it takes to be successful in the creative industries. Also available on iTunes too, in case you’re an audio only kinda person.

2. Podcart

Image: Podcart

Podcart is a Glasgow based music podcast and blog, and I remember hearing about this show many, many years ago when I was still working as a phone jockey in an IT support call centre. Since then, Podcart has grown to become a bit of an institution, and as such is easily the longest running podcast on this list. Halina has a great way with her guests and her interviews are always super engaging. If you’re a lover of anything indie (in all of its various guises), be it from Scotland or beyond, Podcart should be your first destination. Not only are the podcast interviews great, but the music blog itself is a musical treasure trove.

3.  A Scottish Podcast

Image: A Scottish Podcast

Back in the heady days of 2015, I found myself whisked away to the very first New Media Europe conference, and at the end of day one, I took my seat in the crowd to pay witness to the first ever UK Podcaster Awards. The winner for Best Performing Arts Podcast was the Audio Drama Production Podcast, hosted by a great chap named Matthew McLean. I hadn’t heard of the podcast before but was naturally delighted when I found out he was Scottish. His latest project is this wonderful audio drama. Following the tale of an ex-DJ named Lee and a musician named Doug who decide to start a paranormal investigations podcast (which is very meta – a podcast about making a podcast). The result is this brilliant slice of audio fiction which you absolutely must check out if you like comedy, horror or any kind of Scottish fiction. Oh, and the production is absolutely quality.

4. The Hashtag Show

Not to be confused with the American pop culture website with a similar name, The Hashtag Show is comedy podcast featuring comedians Gary Little, Mallorca Lee and Scott Gibson. If you’re familiar with podcasting, you’re no doubt familiar with how many comedians seem to have taken to it like a duck to water, and the same can certainly be said for this show. Equal parts hilarious and irreverent it’s a great wee podcast which has just moved into the realm of live shows, so that’s how you know they mean business.

5. TalkMusic with Scott Cowie

Image: Scott Cowie

This is my most recent find, and as it turns out, it’s also a particularly long running podcast. Every week, Scott sits down with a different musician for an in-depth discussion with musicians about their craft. The guestlist is particularly illustrious, featuring the likes of Corey Taylor, KT Tunstall, Chris Jericho, The Proclaimers and much, much more. Die-hard fans of rock music in all its forms could certainly do with giving this one a listen.


If you think it’s time you opened your podcast horizons. A quick Google search or a wee rummage around iTunes is guaranteed to both feed your brain and enhance your commute or your night time entertainment…

***Words by Mark Fraser***