Thanksgiving might not be the most Glaswegian of holidays, but you’ll probably still see it pop up somewhere during your day, even if just on social media or American TV. It’s good to have a think every so often about what you’re thankful for… and we’re sure we’re not alone in considering ourselves very lucky indeed to live in Glasgow at this time of year.

1 – Medieval Glaswegians

An artist's impression of the medieval site of Glasgow University (from
An artist’s impression of the medieval site of Glasgow University (from

Without them, the city would not have grown from a group of small farming villages springing up along the Clyde and its tributaries. The medieval Cathedral is lovely to visit, and was even used as the setting for scenes of series two of Outlander. Whilst we’re here, we’d also like to thank them for filming here so often and vastly increasing our chances of just running into Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) as we casually wander (read: loiter with intent) around the film sets that pop up every so often in the city. Plus – had we been built next to any other river, we probably wouldn’t have the joy of hearing our mothers/grannies/people we meet in the street saying ‘ye think ah came up the Clyde in a banana boat yisterday?!’ whenever we try and get one up on them. Ahh, the joys.

2 – Meringues

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Softening the blow of being wrang since the first one came to a Sauchiehall Street bakers of yesteryear (we made that up for comic effect, we have no idea who came up with the joke).

3 – The weather

Image: Google
Image: Google

Aye, it rains all the time but the Dear Green Place needs to be watered somehow. Plus, wrapping up warm for winter means that I’ve gotten away with wearing pyjamas under clothes for weeks. It’s fab. Please don’t tell anyone.

4 – Dugs

Image: @milliemorti Instagram

Glasgow has so many dog lovers, and you’re never more than a ten minute walk from a park or a pub with some cute canines in it. What would we do without them? Wouldn’t make as many funny memes, that’s for sure. Whether you have a pooch or you’re looking to ‘borrow’ one for a cuddle for a bit, check out our list of dog-friendly pubs here. (Dear editor. Sorry for never getting to the end of an article without including at least one dog).

5 – Irn Bru

Iron Bru, Scotland, Glasgow

It gets you through. What more can you say?

6 – Fellow Glaswegians


We have honesty in bucketfuls, but we’ll stand by our morals like that twitter user who’s no a grass. We stand up for what we believe in, whether it be political views or the petition to save the Duke of Wellington’s cone hat. 

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments!