This weekend brings the rivalry of the Old Firm/ New Old Firm/ Celtic vs SevCo (delete as applicable according to your opinion) back to Hampden Park in the League Cup Semi final.

50,000 fans in one of the most intense atmospheres in world football, more than one hundred years of history between them. But believe it or not, there will be many people in Glasgow who aren’t too fussed about Sunday’s match.

Glasgow Living is here to provide you with 6 Old Firm free zones for those who wouldn’t know their Jinkys from their Slim Jims.

1. Glasgow Science Centre – Pacific QuayGSC

For match day widows, left abandoned with the kids, why not pop along to Glasgow Science Centre. Providing hundreds of interactive exhibitions and hours of fun. Opening hours 10am-5pm Sat & Sun.

2. Glasgow Climbing Centre – Paisley Road Westglasgow-climbing-centre

For all those rain fearing, adrenaline junkies, there’s the Glasgow Climbing Centre on Paisley Road West situated inside a renovated church. Go with an experienced friend and you’ll be scaling walls in no time.

3. AirSpace UK – East Kilbrideairspace

If you prefer your adrenaline kick without the hassle of gravity. Head to Airspace in East Kilbride, check out Glasgow Living’s review here.

4. 1LEVELUP – St Enoch Square1levelup

 For all those gamers who prefer their sports, console interactive, rather than televised viewing, St Enoch Square hides a wee gem. 1levelup, Guaranteed gaming glee, consoles, pc gaming, opened since 2010, promises first rate gaming experience.

5. The Doocot – Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane doocot

Not far enough away from the football? What about if we send you to the heavens instead? The Lighthouse in Mitchell Lane promises to elevate you to a place where football will be the last thing on your mind. Glasgow’s tallest coffee shop.

6. Glasgow Museums – Glasgow wideGlasgow museums

For all you culture vultures, Glasgow has more than 20 museums, with a host of famous works, Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and Monet to name a few, with the vast majority being free admission, you couldn’t get any further away from football on an Old Firm Day than visiting one of Glasgow’s majestic museums.

Glasgow Museums Website