Here at Glasgow Living, we like to ponder the big questions in life. Recently, we had found ourselves wondering rather flowery things. Why do roses have thorns? Why are terrariums so hot right now? What would be the best blooms to decorate a summer wedding in a teepee which may or may not also have a dedicated Christmas section for a bride who can’t decide if they prefer summer or winter? Perhaps it’s the dreich weather, perhaps it’s something else, but either way, we were delighted when Glasgow florists Little Botanica invited us to hang out with them on a busy morning of wedding prep, with a camera and some inane gardening questions in tow. Kimberly, Hayley and Jenni come from a variety of backgrounds, from architecture to art school, and now devote their time to cultivating the business. They started in 2008 as wedding florists, and now bring a whole host of delightful botanical services to Glasgow We found out about a typical day in the green-fingered office, ran around smelling all the flowers in sight and set them the challenge of creating a 5 minute bouquet.

Jenni in action


First on the agenda is a cup of tea. Taking care of flowers is thirsty work, and there is a lot to do in the days leading up to not one but two weddings at the weekend. Flowers arrive fresh from the markets in the Netherlands, and they need a bit of TLC to ensure that they look their best for the big day.

Boxes and boxes of flowers, which have travelled to Glasgow in under 24 hours.

All hands are on deck as Kimberly, Hayley and Jenni examine each bloom, condition them and cut the stems. They will be treated to at least 24 hours of watering to ensure they are rehydrated in good time for the arrangements to start.

Trimming stems and sorting out the foliage.

I start wondering about how on earth you choose flowers for a wedding. A quick look round confirms that I would probably want all of them, so I ask how they advise the indecisive brides that have enlisted Little Botanica’s help for their big day.

“You often get people who aren’t quite sure exactly what they want. We can show examples of our previous arrangements to get started, but often it’s best just to get to know the couple. From looking at the venue or the theme you can start get an idea what their vision is, and make suggestions according to their personality” – Kim

little botanica
Once prepped, the flowers will be left overnight in buckets of water, to get them freshened up before the arranging begins.

As well as wedding/events floristry, Little Botanica have also created their Little Flower Market, which you can peruse online from the comfort of your sofa. Normally, flower markets are exclusively for florists, but those with a specific idea in mind can now pop online, select unique blooms, ponder between colours, and start to create their own unique display with help on hand at any time. The website also has examples of work for all seasons, and when asked which season they preferred, it became clear that it was going to be difficult for the team to choose just one.

“Summer is wonderful for the sheer volume of flowers that are available. It will always impress. Spring blooms are so delicate and beautiful in a different way, as well. Autumn is best for striking foliage colours… and winter is just a bit tricky but we like a challenge!” – Kim, Hayley and Jenni

Late Morning

There is a lot of excitement in the workshop today due to a meeting with the B man. After a bit of confusion on my part, it becomes clear that the anticipated visitor is in fact Plan Bee Ltd, a local company who keep bees on behalf of businesses. Bees pollinate 1/3 of British food, and are definitely worthy of some attention. Little Botanica are planning to sponsor a hive, adopt some bees, include their own honey in goodie bags after honeymoons (get it?) and potentially start a Twitter-based sitcom based on the Big Brother Botanica Hive with regular updates such as: 12.36pm. Brenda and Bob are having an animated discussion in the butterfly bush. 

Meetings take place on the central work bench along with stem-cutting and general flower-admiring.

Little Botanica also have a sister business – Marchtown is a wine bar with space for creative classes and they have lots of collaborations lined up for when it gets started. Who doesn’t get more creative in a wine bar? Sounds like a sensible match to us.

One of the new stars of Little Botanica’s Big Brother Hive

Early Afternoon

If you’re feeling inspired, then you’ll love the sound of a workshop. Little Botanica want to invite you for an afternoon of making beautiful displays, and it would really be rude not to. Ranging from bridal bouquets to table centre-pieces, you can get a group together to spend some time creating unique floral displays for an upcoming event.

Blooms and baskets are just some of the options for a workshop on table centre-pieces

The workshop is a treasure-trove of bits and pieces, blooms and foliage and even berries to get the creative ideas on the go, and the team will be on hand to pass on tips, tricks, and expertise, ensuring that your floral ideas are always a hit. Not got an event, but feel like making something cool?


“Terrariums are a good option because they last such a long time. They first became popular in Victorian times, but there’s been a real resurgence in the last few years” – Hayley

Fancy a DIY terrarium? They look good, they’re hard to kill, and there’s a workshop for that, too!

Late Afternoon

Time for a bouquet challenge set by yours truly. It was just really an excuse to examine all the flowers for a bit longer, whilst Hayley brought the blooms together.

The stems are nearly all prepped and separated, so I set the team a challenge of creating a quickfire bouquet.


A few minutes later, the challenge is complete!

And there you have it. A day of trimming stems, talking bees, building miniature gardens and matching up blooms has come to an end. What do you reckon? Fancy the life of a florist?

To get in touch with Little Botanica about any of their services, check out their website or facebook page. We hope you’ve enjoyed a sneak peak into the business, and seeing the team at work!