May I just say that May is just the best month ever. You’ll forgive us for all these awful puns when you see what treats we have lined up. If this sunny weather has you longingly window-shopping for bikinis that you definitely can’t afford and probably couldn’t get away with wearing in the fountain in Kelvingrove on the next taps-aff day, then think again. Not about the fountain – don’t do that. But we have done a bit of legwork and put together a wee bank holiday fun plan for every budget to ensure you get the mini holiday fix you deserve on May 30th.

Budget: £0

Well. That’s a challenge. Whether you’re skint or saving for a proper abroad holiday this summer, there are lots of free options if you’re prepared to walk or cycle there! If it’s relaxation you’re after, Bikram Yoga Southside have a free taster as part of the Southside Fringe, and those looking for a culture hit should check out the other free festival offerings including Outdoor Shakespeare. The Museum of Modern Art have an ongoing exhibition by Turner Prize-nominated photographer Wolfgang Tillman and with a bit of luck, some sunny weather will make spending the rest of the day lounging in the parks a doddle.

Budget: £25

Isle of Arran

Tiny budget? No problem! We can get you an island retreat for that price! You’ll definitely need to bring your own food if the budget is strict, though. Hop on the train to Ardrossan (£13.60 return) then a return ferry to the gorgeous isle of Arran is £7.50. That leaves you £3.90 for the accommodation – Glen Rosa campsite offers camping for £4 a night so if you can find a ten pence piece and a tent on your journey, then you’re laughing. Don’t forget to send us your beach instagrams!

Budget: £50


We managed to track down a mythical £1 megabus ticket from Glasgow to London, (arrives 2215 on the Saturday night) returning for £9 on the Monday night. The Big Smoke is within reach! Sleep on the way down, party all night and check into a hostel such as YHA London Thameside for £30 on the Sunday. If you can manage the Saturday night out for a tenner (if so, you are a magician and you need to let us know how) then spend the rest of your time soaking up the cultural vibes in the free museums and galleries, a list of free fun things can be found here.

Budget: £100


We decided to cheat a little with this one, but if you can take a few days off and travel from Wednesday 25th – Tuesday 31st, you can get to Dublin for the princely sum of £20. Isn’t that just a wonderful thought? Well worth developing the flu – ahem – dutifully applying for time off for. Yes, it’s Ryanair and yes, you said never again after that complaint letter went viral, but Dublin in May sounds nice and you’d have a whole £80 left over for fancy hostels and guinness.

Budget: £250


Now, we don’t believe for a second that money can buy happiness, but it can bring you closer to sunshine. Even the hardiest Glaswegian needs a little vitamin D at some point and if you can get the money together in time, you could be enjoying a glamorous city break in Bucharest. The capital of Romania averages a balmy 20 degrees in May, and is not yet a firm staple on the tourist map so serves as a great alternative bank holiday. Flights for the weekend are just £95 with Whizz Air, and you can book a studio apartment to yourself for just £68 all in (love you, Air bnb). With a whole £87 left in the budget, you could do all sorts. A night out in Romania’s oldest beer house? A day trip to Transylvania, in hunt of Dracula? The choice is yours.

Budget: £500


So you’re feeling flush and want to make it a weekend to remember. The Thursday afternoon flight from Edinburgh to Ibiza is the place to be, especially with the easy peasy new bus linking Glasgow to Edinburgh airport. Return on the Sunday for £222 and use the Monday off to recuperate – you’re going to need it. If you can get 11 pals together, then why not complete the ‘baller’ lifestyle look and rent a yacht on Playa d’en Bossa for £112 pounds a head for three nights? There is no need for a swimming pool when you’re bobbing about in the Med. The rest of the budget (£166) should just about cover the cocktails.