If you think no bingey night out is worth the hangover, then you certainly wouldn’t be in a minority any more. One in five 16-24 year olds are teetotal, but you are forgiven for thinking that nightlife is over as soon as you swear off the strong stuff. Glasgow might have a rep for alcohol-fuelled fun and games, but there is more to the city after dark than meets the eye – and no, we don’t mean another trip to the cinema. Enjoy!

Wild Cabaret

Luna Tiktok, recent performer at the Midweek Fling (Image: Glasgow Festival of Burlesque Facebook)

With deals that don’t include alcohol (curry and comedy? fish and chips and cabaret?) and a rep for delicious food alongside a good show, this is a no-brainer for someone looking for a little more excitement than the standard sober dinner date. They have cool decor, and a variety of events in the pipeline – you’ll forget in seconds that you’re on the mocktails!

Grosvenor Riverboat Casino

Image: Facebook

Open til 6am, the casino is the perfect way to entertain the sober night-owls looking for something more entertaining to do than helping their shitfaced pals order drunk food. The dedicated virgin cocktail menu is small but perfectly formed, and we reckon you could get non-alcoholic versions of your favourites whipped up in no time. We chose the Riverboat for bonus location points, but there are two dry land casinos, too!

Hillhead Book Club

Image: Facebook

From Drag Queen Bingo to evening sewing classes and of course, the famous ping pong tables. Some of these might be more fun after a few drinks, but probably significantly less dangerous. Have you ever tried cross stitch with crossed eyes? It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Pure Spa

Image: Facebook

Thursday nights at Pure Spa go on til 9pm, so there’s no stopping an extended evening of pampering in lieu of a night out. Just imagine how great you’ll feel the next morning! Annnnnd relax.

Blue Dog

Image: Facebook

A New York-style piano bar with 5 mocktails to get through. Their White Russian replaces vodka with Nutella. It’s pure, unadulterated genius. This pic isn’t it, though, you’ll need to visit to find out more.

A Night at the Theatre

Image: Pavillion Theatre

From King’s to Royal, Citizen’s to Pavillion and many more, the theatrical venues in Glasgow offer a great chance to enjoy a good show. We’re particularly excited for Cats, and the upcoming Trainspotting adaptation – that’s one that will likely have quite enough alcohol featuring as it is, without the audience joining in!

Anyone got any other favourite sober nights out that we missed? Let us know in the comments!