Everybody loves Still Game, beginning as a stage show, developing into a popular sketch on ‘Chewin the Fat’ and finally into the award winning tv show that even our neighbours ‘South of the Border’ can enjoy. Still Game is truly timeless.

Its characters are flawed but flawless, and although its a hysterical comedy, much like real life, its not without its pathos. It takes truly great writers to find the everyday humour in life’s trials and tribulations.

Here are some of our favourite clips and episodes across all seven of the fantastic series’.

Videos courtesy of BBC, Effengee and YouTube

1. Feeches


2. Ya Junkie B******

3. The Slosh

4. Take a Jobby Martin

5. Isa’s Super Power

6. Back Aff Ya Spooky Bitch

7. For the Last Time It’s Boaby

8. Victor’s Blind Date

9. The Bogus Gasman

10. Methadone Mick

What are your favourite scenes Glasgow? How excited are you about watching the new live stage shows?

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The first performance of the live show starts at 2:30pm  [Saturday, February 4] and there are shows taking place at the SSE Hydro until February 16. For a full list of timings and dates, click here.