In case you hadn’t heard, those blessed with a ‘G’ postcode have come up tops in the lottery stakes recently. Glasgow has had the most million pound winners in the UK per year since 2012, but that’s not all. Our neighbours in Paisley live in the luckiest spot – with the highest number of winners per head when it comes to snapping up £50,000 or more. If you’re feeling inspired to pop down the shop and pick up a ticket, then prepare yourself first by checking out our brief collection of the stories of the lotto winners, in Glasgow and further afield. There are life-changing stories, but perhaps not all for the best. Feeling lucky? You have been warned.

1. Money can’t buy love…


But it might just introduce you to your future partner. Gillian Bayford won £142 million with her ex, Adrian, in 2012. After 15 months, they were divorced, but Gillian met current fiancé Alan when he sold her a fleet of Audis at her local dealership in Dundee. Unfortunately, this seems to be the most positive piece of news about the big win so far. There are several tales of family feuds as well as reports that Gillian’s former staff did not appreciate the amount of money they were given when laid off from the café she sold after her win. Up to you what you take from all the stories!

2. Just playing the game might get you a surprise

Regular lotto players popped into their local Cardonald shop to fanfare, sequins and samba after the announcement that the community had raised the most money for independent causes – an incredible £2.7 million! This video captured some of the moments when local shoppers were surprised, and for all that hard work we’d say they deserve every last bit of sparkly, musical fun.

3. Buying a car is so last year

No matter how fancy your car is, you are still susceptible to the awful traffic on the M8. Sensible Scot Peter Occardi has thought ahead, and wants to invest his winnings in a plane, instead, in order to make good use of Peter’s recently awarded flying license. Glasgow-born Peter and his wife Claire won £2,237,284 last year, and celebrated by eating a baked tattie and cheese for dinner. These guys are nailing it.

4. It’s important to stay grounded

Jane Park became the youngest UK winner when she scooped up a million aged 17. She decided to continue working at her local chippie much to the amusement of the twitter trolls, and moved out of the big house she bought herself because she missed her wee ma’ too much. Recently she had a run-in with the law, and in the meantime she wins at snapchat and twitter, amusing her fans with advice for those, like herself, who are currently going through a break-up.

5. Win big or go home

Image: Google

Chris & Colin Weir of Largs won £161 million in 2011. As well as some serious mansion shopping, they funded a charitable trust devoted to supporting community causes. At that time, it was the biggest ever UK lottery haul.

6. A friendly city is key

Image: Glasgow Taxis

A man picked up a lotto ticket in a Parkhead shop, but didn’t get around to checking it for the winning numbers. Luckily for him, he got into the taxi of the cabbie who was was destined to let him know that a mystery winner hadn’t yet claimed his prize. The 60 year old East-ender went straight home to check his numbers, found he was the mystery winner and picked up his £1 million. All thanks to the passing comment on the way home. Now there’s a tale in celebration of the famous cabbie banter if ever I heard one!

7. It could be you!

A mystery BIG winner bought a ticket in Glasgow on 20th January 2016, and they have until 18th July 2016 to claim their prize! The winning code was NAVY 3903 3904, and if it goes unclaimed then it will be used to fund lotto projects. After reading all these tales of joy and heartbreak, perhaps someone knows fine well they’ve won but is scared to claim in case the money changes them into someone they no longer recognise? Or perhaps they’re blissfully unaware and currently dreaming about what they would do if they won?