I was born in Glasgow, Dennistoun, I went to Thomson Street School, moved to Springboig, got married, worked in the steelworks and worked there for about 10 years.

Image by Pawel Kmiec

Got out of there, joined the Fire Brigade got pensioned off from there when I was about 60, that was about ten years ago. Now I’m 70, we walk the dugs to pass the time, get fed up sitting in the house. So you do.

I’m usually just standing about soaking with the dug while she’s in doing the shopping all the time, but that’s us just away up the road the now. I don’t like the town anyway, mess of a place.

I’ve lived all my days in Glasgow, but it’s all changed, especially down that Springfield Road, new houses, big sports centres getting built for the Commonwealth. Doesn’t matter where you’re going it’s all houses, all new houses.

Taking away the “Green” from the “Dear Green Place”, it’s a shame, because it’s not the same Glasgow it used to be, it’s all changed for me anyway.

I stay in Rutherglen now, I stay out there, its quite a nice place.

It’s all changed though Glasgow, not for the better I don’t think. They’ve taken away a lot of the history. Years ago I knew everybody in my street, I could leave my door open. Now you can’t, people would just go into your house and steal, Glasgow’s lost its sense of community altogether.

There’s also far too much bitterness between Rangers and Celtic. Football matters too much to people in Glasgow.

William Frew – St Enoch Square

Article in collaboration with Glasgow Street Life https://www.facebook.com/GlaStreetlife/ )