I’m originally from Nepal and I’ve been in the UK for 8 years. 5 years in England, and roughly 3 years in Glasgow, but I love Glasgow.

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Image by Pawel Kmiec

I work as an engineer but I’m jobless right now. My title is actually Dr. I’m a PHD by title and can speak seven languages, German, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, English, Nepali and i’m learning Gaelic. That’s my story.

I’m jobless but I’m actually very busy, I love Glasgow because of the people, not because of the weather. They are very nice and friendly, it’s a very handsome city, wonderful ancient architecture. I love the Clyde river, but it’s dirty now, it must be saved. All the waste from people’s houses seems to drain right into the Clyde.

I don’t like the birds (pigeons), they make too much noise, night and day, I can’t sleep because of their squawking. But the people are good here.

Eight years ago I was in Germany and then my mum passed away here. I had to go back to Nepal but all my family are here. I had nothing there in Nepal, except my sister. I think I’m going to try and live here, I like this place, but how do you stay safe with the weather here? Umbrellas don’t work, I think I’ve lost one umbrella everyday i’ve been here. Everyday I’ve bought an umbrella I’ve lost it.

Today there’s no wind, but when there’s wind as soon as you put an umbrella up, it breaks, the wind is too strong. I think Glasgow needs something different, a special kind of umbrella, plastic umbrellas are no good, it’s too weak for the wind, we need to build something out of a material that can withstand it, like metal.

Maybe I’ll try make that.

Calum Webster, – St Enoch Square.

Article in collaboration with Glasgow Street Life https://www.facebook.com/GlaStreetlife/ )