I used to live in Aberdeen but it’s a little bit boring, the oil industry has fallen on its arse just now, lot of friends have been losing their jobs, so I thought I’d move down here, where it’s a little bit more lucrative and bit cheaper to live.

Image Courtesy of Pawel Kmiec

I didn’t get hit too hard by the collapse of the oil industry in Aberdeen, working in a bike shop, but less people were buying bikes, less people were buying anything, yeah it’s just getting a bit depressing up there to be quite honest. I also think that the council seem really corrupt up there, it was a good time to jump ship.

I liked visiting Glasgow anyway, for club nights and that. It’s a lot more diverse, a lot more going on, its got an actual nightlife, its just a much better way of life. I like going over to Berlin and I feel Glasgow has a similar kind of feel to it.

The nights I mainly come down for are Pressure, nights at the Arches, which really needs to open again. Pressure at the Arches once a month, Techno nights. It’s really good for dance music down here. Aberdeen is actually not too bad for it, but the size of the clubs are pretty small. Whereas down here you can a more large, lively, club scene. Definitely more exciting.

I’ve got a lot of friends in Aberdeen, so i’m going back up in March, I still keep in touch with people from there, I don’t mind going up and seeing them from time to time, but as a place to live, I think Glasgow is just the better choice.

A huge amount of my friends have left Aberdeen because of the oil crisis, most of my friends have moved to Berlin, but for me, don’t speak German and kind of fancied having a job that paid some money. Glasgow seemed like the most logical choice.

I’m from Edinburgh originally, I could have moved back there but I dunno, Edinburgh’s club scene doesn’t seem to be quite as lively as it used to be. Glasgow seems friendlier, when you walk around the streets you’ve got more chance of just sort of chatting to someone randomly, even in the shops as well, you pop in for a pack of skins, next thing you’re chatting away for four hours.

In Edinburgh you don’t really get that, it’s a little bit, I wouldn’t say up its own arse, but less open.

Edinburgh’s definitely got a more touristy feel to it and I hate to say that it’s prettier to look at but it’s older, it’s got the heritage I suppose. But in terms of day to day living, Glasgow trumps it.

Gregg – Buchanan Street

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