I currently live on the streets of Edinburgh not Glasgow, that’s practically all I can think of.

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Image Courtesy of Pawel Kmiec

I had a rotten family, nobody’s ever cared as much as most families should so I just ended up in this situation. I’ve been on the streets since the 31st of July, I spent a month here in Glasgow, and the rest of my time has been spent in Edinburgh. I only come through here now and again.

I’ve not got any place to go because i’ve got the dog, if you’re not signed on they’ll not help you out. In Edinburgh there are only two hostels that take dogs, but there are no female spaces in some of them, so you need to have male and female spaces, because it’s me and my partner who are on the street. So they won’t take us anywhere unless there’s female spaces and a dog space as well.

There’s only two spaces in Edinburgh that will take you, nowhere will help you out, usually if you’re homeless in Glasgow with a dog they’ll not give you anywhere, and if you’re a female you don’t usually get anywhere either.

Different men in my mum’s life is what led me to here, it just got to the point where I was like “nah”, I always felt like I was second best. I’ve got my older brothers and my older sisters, who’ve got good lives for themselves, I guess I’m just the odd one out. Stuck out here.

I usually only beg on a Friday or Saturday, I’m not really keen on doing it, I roughly just make about 30 to 40 quid for the whole week for me ma dog an ma partner. I’ll usually wake up and take the dog a run and then let him sleep for a wee while cos he’ll be knackered. I’ve been out for the last four days throwing balls and sticks for him.

Image Courtesy of Pawel Kmiec

I sleep on the streets of Edinburgh at the bottom of the Royal Mile, but there’s loads of food places here and Edinburgh, so you’re never short of anything really. There’s always somewhere to go if you’re needing food or warmth. So it’s not the worst.

They don’t give a fuck (siblings), they don’t care, my older brother is just a year older than me, now I’ve got a wee baby brother who’s just turned one and I’ve got a wee sister coming on.

I’d actually love to travel, I’d love to just go, get out in the open, and go see everything.

Scout – Buchanan Street

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