I’m a freelance estate agent, but I work for myself, I’m completely independent.

Image courtesy of Pawel Kmiec

I’ve always worked in property, so I decided that I didn’t want to work for corporate organisations, its more personal by people for people. It’s a personal service and I can be my own boss.

This is my second year but I’ve been working in property since I was 16, so more than 15 years. I didn’t like becoming a number in a corporate organisation, people didn’t know my name, I worked with them for eight years but the people at the higher end of the scale thought they were better than you. That was the impression I got from working there. You just become a number and not a person. That made me decide I didn’t want to work in an organisation like that anymore.

It was nerve-wracking and still is, and it’s a big risk, obviously I need to work harder than being employed, because if I don’t work hard I don’t get paid. It was really scary, but I’ve overcame a lot of my fears by becoming self-employed. Even around the city centre, normally I’d be a bit apprehensive but now I’m being interviewed in the street.

I think people appreciate a personal service because you actually care about what you do, it’s about building relationships and people love that. A lot of my work is referral, from somebody passing on my number.

I can work from anywhere, Starbucks for example. I tend to work from 29 (Royal Exchange Square), I took out a membership so I can use their wifi during the day, and it’s a really nice environment to work and with loads of other people in the same boat, it’s really good networking.

So it’s been two years, but previously I was self employed with my ex partner. I decided to branch out on my own, a personal goal. It was the pressures of working together that broke up our relationship. Don’t ever do it.

There’s no balance between work and a relationship. It kills the relationship, no matter how strong you are in the relationship, it just becomes work based.

We’re still best friends so maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, he’s doing his own thing I’m doing mine, so it worked out quite well.

Louise 34 –  Hope Street

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