Us Weegies love our fry-ups. And much to the surprise of some folk, vegan Weegies are no exception. Tattie scones, veggie sausages, baked beans & more can be plated up when you’re in dire need of soaking up last night’s gluten free, organic craft ales 😉 You might be thinking, “surely missing out on the delights of the square sausage is incomprehensible?” Well, you can thank Rose & Grant’s for creating a more than adequate plant-based alternative to the Scottish weekend staple. Has this made you hungry yet?


Image: Bloc Facebook

Bloc is well-known around Glasgow for being super vegan-friendly, serving up some of the most eccentric pub food – their ‘Not dog’ is probably good enough to make Ron Swanson give up meat. They also provide a satisfying fry up for a fiver at the weekend. Only until 3 pm right enough, but this is definitely a good reason to get out of bed. Unlike the other fry ups on the list, Bloc includes a tofu scramble, scarily similar to the scrambled eggs we’re used to, as well as homemade vegan black pudding which they describe as “ thick and inviting as a stack of old vinyl singles…” Wash down your old vinyl singles with a Hell Mary (Bloc’s own take on the Bloody Mary) and you’ll be ready for the day – or maybe a nap.

Christopher Robin


If you’re craving a vegan feast but your hungry mates are adamant they need some meat or eggs to cure them, take them to Christopher Robin. This lovely little cafe located in Pollokshields caters to all, and always has a vegan option on the daily menu, so everyone can enjoy eating there. The breakfast menu is available until 11:30 am during the week and is available on their weekend brunch menu all day! On this colourful plate, there is potato scone, Italian loaf toast, wilted spinach, sriracha tofu, tomato and olive salsa, grilled tomato, mushrooms and courgette. Perhaps this isn’t the greasiest brunch in the world, but it looks too good not to include. I imagine we’d be glowing from within after polishing off one of these. A satisfying brunch that certainly won’t put you in an oil coma.

Rose & Grants

Image: Rose & Grant’s Instagram

Rose & Grants is turning into a firm favourite amongst Glasgow’s vegan community. This wee cafe in Merchant city (with another venue located in Bearsden) sells haggis pies, macaroni pies and a wide selection of artisanal cheese from local company Nutcrafter Creamery, all vegan of course. People have been going mental for their take on the lorne sausage since its official reveal in August, and after trying it for the first time, you’ll understand why. You can add a tattie scone (or two) to your roll and sausage for a glorious carb fest, or top with garlic mushrooms and sriracha mayo. Don’t forget to polish it off with a homemade cake – we’re not going for low cal here, are we?

The 13th Note

Image: @jennaaamcguinness

A bit of an institution in Glasgow, the 13th Note is a respected music venue as well as a hub for Glaswegian vegans and vegetarians, serving up their full veggie breakfast everyday from 12 pm to 5 pm – that’s more like it! Enjoy a generously sized portion of ‘Sosage’, mushrooms, homemade baked beans, hash brown, tattie scone, tomato, toast & veggie bacon – I’m still unsure how I feel about tempeh, but it sure is worth trying for the experience. Treat yourself like Jenna and accompany your fry up with a naughty cocktail, or one of their vegan beers from their extensive collection. That’s one way to cure a hangover.

Kind Crusts

Image: Kind Crusts Facebook

Ah, just look at it! The bagel of all bagels. You can thank Kind Crusts for this masterpiece. This takeaway on the edge of the city centre knows how to take sandwiches to the next level! Their menu boasts a haggis + broon sauce toastie, a steik + onion roll and their aptly named ‘The Curer’ – which is their full Scottish bagel (pictured) topped with haggis and fried onions. They serve breakfast all day Saturday and Sunday so if you’re a late riser, you won’t miss out. They even deliver too, so if you’re lucky enough to have one of the golden postcodes you can enjoy one of these badboys in last night’s clothes. Indulge yourselves.
10 gold stars for you if you have made it this far without feeling ravenous. We hope you’ve been enlightened to some of the delicious plant-based options that will settle your hangover munchies. Go on, give these vegan versions a try – you’ll probably feel 10 times better after demolishing them.

PS: Irn bru is vegan. Go wild!

***By Amy McCready***