Whenever I heard the word “Scotland” Edinburgh and Glasgow were the first two things to pop into my head. Subconsciously I also associated Edinburgh with tourist attractions and Glasgow with shopping.

Upon hearing that I would be staying in Glasgow during my work placement, you would’ve struggled to wipe the 100 watt smile from my face with dettol and a cloth.

With no tourist attractions to distract me from work and when I completed my duties, I would reward myself with a little retail therapy in Glasgow’s “Style Mile”. Or so I presumed.

When I arrived in Glasgow, my original views were so wrong. The hours I had planned to spend in the shops were instead spent enjoying the multiple tourist attractions Glasgow had to offer.

As a first time visitor to Glasgow I wanted to share my experiences with the readers of GlasgowLiving. Here are my five favourite places for anyone who gets the chance to visit this wonderful city.

5. Glasgow Green


It’s one of the oldest and most historical parks in Scotland that stretches from the Saltmarket at the High Court across to the Calton and Bridgeton districts. It was used mainly for sheep and cattle grazing until the nineteenth century. It’s a large and beautiful park, with the People’s Palace and magnificent Doulton fountain as its centerpiece.

4. Necropolis


You wouldn’t think that a cemetery would be a tourist attraction but here in Glasgow, anything can happen. The Necropolis is a Victorian cemetery that was established in 1832. Nearly two hundred years old! And with fifty thousand individuals that have been buried there. There are three thousand and five hundred monuments there.

3. The Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel


Take a blast to the past while visiting the museum. Witness the birth of transport in Scotland right up until our modern day transport technology . From trains planes,and automobiles right back to horse and carriage, And best part of it is that it’s free!

2. The Stand Comedy Club


Want to have a drink and a good laugh? Then look no further. The Stand Comedy Club. A modern club in the basement of a former school, (how very Glasgow.) Open seven nights a week with presenting local and visiting comedy talent. A Great way to spend your Friday night, never far from the bar and a very welcoming and friendly vibe.

1. Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre

Yes Glasgow. I am a nerd. And my top favourite place in Glasgow is obviously the Science Centre. It’s well worth the price of entry with something suitable for all ages. Alongside the Science Centre, there’s also the Science Mall, IMAX cinema and Glasgow Tower buildings. Learning is fun inside these majestic buildings. You will regret not going.

[youtube id=”f9g3hslfoN8″ align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]

Visiting Glasgow was a fantastic experience and I will definitely come back. Thank you Glasgow. You made my college work placement far more enjoyable than I ever thought it could have been.

To subvert your famous quote Glasgow has, “let me flourish.”