I arrived in Glasgow five months ago, and to Scotland about three years ago. I lived in Edinburgh and then moved through here, and now I’m looking for a job. I’ve worked as a housekeeper, and as a cleaner, but I don’t have a job just now.

Image courtesy of Pawel Kmiec

I like the weather here, there’s more sun than where I come from in the North of Spain, it rains more and it’s colder than here. It snows and there’s long winters, my village is in the mountains. For me it’s been no problem to acclimatise to the weather here. Sometimes in my village it’s minus 27, I think people just assume Spain is so sunny, but the North is different, my village spends a lot of time in the snow.

I think that the biggest difference between living in Glasgow and living in Edinburgh, Edinburgh seems more English and Glasgow seems more Scottish, people here (in Glasgow) are more friendly, even more than in Spain. My passions are reading, painting, photography, sometimes I go to the islands and take pictures. Last week I was in Arran, it’s very nice but it’s also really windy.

I moved to Scotland with a friend, he lives in Edinburgh, but I met someone and I moved to Glasgow. I fell in love and moved here.

I’ve not really got many plans today, go for a walk, go for a coffee, I quite enjoy visiting charity shops.

Life is so different here compared to Spain, it’s impossible to find a job in my country with the crisis, especially at my age, I’m 43 and in Spain if you are older than 30, you can’t get a job, you are old. Employers want young people so they can pay them less, some people are earning about 4 or 500 Euros a month, after bills, a car. There’s nothing left for yourself. I’ll never return to Spain. I want to stay here.

I love Romanticism, and Art Nouveau, Mackintosh, Gaudi, I’ve travelled all my life, in many countries and experienced many cultures, taking a little bit from each one for inspiration.

Javaleno, Doulton Fountain

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