Jill Whylie. Co Owner Munchies on the Green

I’ve not always lived in Glasgow, I lived in Egypt for seven years, Canada for two, and South Africa for one.

I had quite a life in Egypt, staying in Katamaeya Heights, just outside Cairo, we had marble floors, chambermaids, gardeners, chauffeurs, valets, the whole thing. But even after my divorce I was determined to stay in Egypt and make a life of it.

I had my two kids, Iona and Luke, and got myself a job as a nursery teacher, a single bedroom flat and thanks to my nursery contract, free schooling for my two kids. However, going from marble floors, to a one bedroom flat where the elevator didn’t work was tough.

I would’ve never came back, but unfortunately my daughter, Iona, has learning difficulties and cerebral palsy. They don’t have the facilities over there, they don’t have the help, if you’re disabled in Egypt, they have nothing.

I was contemplating home schooling her, whatever it took to stay, but needs must, and I knew it was time to go home.

My son was only a wee baby when we moved over there, so Egyptian culture was all he knew, Luke also spoke fluent Arabic. Blonde hair, brown eyes and speaking Arabic, there was certainly a few camel offers. But what an experience for the children. It’s fondly remembered by us all. Leasing horses, riding in the desert. Truly fantastic.

I ended up falling in love with a South African I met while still working in Egypt, we moved to South Africa and got married. We both started a logistics company over there, but that didn’t end too well, the business collapsed and he pretty much left me with £50,000 pounds worth of debt.

Originally from Johnstone, it was definitely time to come back, so I came back and started working for my brothers cleaning company. He suggested we take on this wee takeaway (Munchies on the Green) in Templeton on the Green. That’s been two years we’ve been running it now.

It was nerve-wracking and there’s definitely times where I question whether I made the right decision. I love it though, our main aim is to build up a brilliant reputation, we thought the best way to do that was make up everything fresh. So even before we open in the morning I’m off to the shops to get the ingredients.

Starting at 7am it’s off to the Cash & Carry, usually Costco or Bookers and then it’s making all the fillings for lunches. We usually leave about half two after cleaning and serving everybody, and then it’s onto Morrison’s, for tomorrow’s ingredients and the other things we can’t get in Bookers.

Until finally I get home late afternoon to my own life as the single parent to two grown up children.

Jill Whylie, 47