All couples beware, its approaching that time of year again, eyes get big, hearts gets bigger and wallets and purses get considerably lighter. Fret not, Glasgow we’ve got Valentine’s Day covered.

Out with the boring old, chocolates and flowers. This year we’re bringing you a Valentine’s Day, GlasgowLiving style. We assure you’ll find 50 Shades of f*** a** here.

P.S. Did you know that Glasgow can actually claim to have (partial) remains of St Valentine. The third century martyr whose death was allegedly responsible for the creation of (St) Valentine’s Day.

9. Glasgow Science Centre Planetariumplanetarium

Gaze into the love of your life’s eyes while you’re caressed by the burning embers of 9000 stars. A truly golden glow of a heavenly light show.

8. Glasgow Film Theatre showing The Philadelphia Story and The GraduateGFT

Avoid the media bombardment of 50 Shades and go watch an actual timeless romantic movie. Dustin Hoffman in the Graduate or Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant in The Philadelphia Story. Considerably more appealing than watching the serial killer from The Fall and Melanie Griffith’s daughter, Donkey Punch each other for 90 minutes.

7. No.1 Chocolate Factory, St George’s Roadlove

Abandon the box of chocolates, and take the love of your life to Glasgow’s No.1 Chocolate Factory. Why not create something as unique and spectacular for the love of your life. (Lavishing chocolate on each others body if highly frowned upon, and could destroy any children in attendance love of chocolate.)

6. The Electric Gardens, The Botanic GardensElectric-Gardens-1-1024x680

Get lost in the West End’s forest of dreams, be captivated by the sights and sounds of the Electric Gardens, forget yourself and be one with the love of your life. The Botanic Gardens promises a sensory perception like no other, truly breathtaking, hypnotic and a Valentine’s present never to be forgotten.

5. Spa DaySpa day

A no brainer, imagine a day spent without the worry of work. Full body massages, facials, saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis. Effortlessly blissful, let the worries of the world dissipate for the greatest experience of your life. (Hint check Groupon or Itison.)

4. Recording Studio ExperienceCouple singing into microphone

As we’ve already said, forget the chocolate and the flowers, make Valentine’s Day more than just a Hallmark holiday. Why don’t you spend the day acting like A list pop stars and visit one of Glasgow’s leading recording studios. Unleash that unspoken harmony.

3. Club Noir Valentine, 02 Academy/ Burlesque Ball UK, Classic Grand

clubnoirburlesque.jpgFor the more adventurous couples out there, Glasgow provides a little naughtiness in the form of Club Noir Forbidden Fruit or Classic Grand’s Burlesque Ball.

World famous Club Noir, now in its 11th year promises the most intense of all the temptations, the Forbidden Fruit. Allow yourself to be consumed by the lure of decadence, at Club Noir anything goes.

Club Noir too intense? Then perhaps a Burlesque Ball will take your fancy, from the producer of the worlds largest Burlesque events, Glasgow are you prepared for a sparkle seamed night you’ll never forget.

2. Couples Cocktail Masterclass

cocktails couple

What better way to enjoy Valentines Day/Night as a couple than a cocktail masterclass, master the art of a quality tasting drink. (Trust us, all couples are jealous of the barman/maid whipping up a cocktail for their other half.)

Take your new found talent back home and see what fantastic results you can create.

1. Love.Gin by Eden Mill St Andrews

love is all you need

Long week? Fancy cosying in on the couch and watching (or ‘ahem’ making) your own valentine movie? Ditch the G&T and warm up with a P&T.

Eden Mill has released a pink Gin in time for Valentines Day. Promising to capture the year round beauty and harmonious taste of St Andrews in a bottle. When the seasons change, different flowers bloom, and berries ripen, Eden Mill will be there to harness their essence in a bottle.