For Saint Luke’s – this summer it was time to get creative with the drinks.  The team behind the East End’s best bar set up a Lab Bar a few weeks ago to encourage punters to think outside the box when it comes to mixing up a new tipple.

Their expert bartender guided guests through creating their own cocktail through a series of steps. First, choose your alcohol and whether you’re after wine- or spirit-based refreshment. Next up was the juice and there was a great fruity selection, enhanced by a range of purees. Add a garnish then finish with your choice of Red Bull be it original energy, sugar-free or tropical.

The tropical-flavoured Red Bull was the star of the night, adding a fruity punch to every drink. Our favourite concoction featured it mixed with a gin liqueur, grapefruit juice and mango and pineapple puree, topped with fresh strawberries. It tasted like summer in a glass and felt like we were in the Bahamas instead of the very rainy East End of Glasgow!

A much more unexpected pairing was the sugar-free Red Bull with white wine, which we topped with apple juice and mint leaves. Not something we’d ever have thought of before, but it worked surprisingly well. It was a great way to freshen up a wine and made it perfect for day drinking – we could just picture sipping away at it while lounging in the garden. We definitely have the weather for it this week so might just have to give it a go, for research purposes of course!

The laid-back, quirky surroundings of The Winged Ox at Saint Luke’s were, as always, the perfect backdrop to a great night out. Their beer garden would have been ideal for the event if the weather had been on our side. Even despite the rain, though, people were still happy to chill outside, mostly with their dogs since the venue is so puppy-friendly. We petted a King Charles Spaniel, a pug and a miniature dachshund to name a few, so it was a very successful night indeed.

If you missed the Lab Bar don’t worry, you can still experiment with it yourself and create your ideal cocktail. Make sure to share your favourite blends with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll be sure to give them a try! Keep up to date HERE on future Lab events…