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Glasgow is blessed with an abundance of amazing eateries and copious amounts of bars, from the City Centre to the West End and not forgetting the Southside. We’re a lucky bunch alright as yet another hotspot has popped up on the streets of Glasgow. Agenda 87 offers up Asian Fusion bites with a chilled out bar vibe in the evening. It’s one of  Shawlands’ humble hidden gems and a real Glasgow Living favourite.

We headed along Kilmarnock Road, nipping in for a bite to eat and a rummage around the drink cabinet of course. Spoiler alert –  great food all round, whether it’s  breakfast lunch or dinner. 

You can find Scottish classics living on the menu throughout the day for breakfast and lunch dates… but by night, Head Chef Tomas Drovandi puts his own special spin on the menu, giving it an Asian twist inspired by his travels and tantalising tastes!

We popped along for dinner and tucked into some small plates of magic. Resembling Fusion Asian tapas, we were tempted by a mix and match of halloumi fries, sweet potato koftas and katsu chicken skewers… all for less than £15, may we add.

tapas agendaTapas Asian Fusion Style

The halloumi fries were not only super tasty but also came with a harissa dipping sauce that only dreams were made of. To top off the cheesy gooeyness, they are also gluten free. Rejoice! The next dish up, sweet potato koftas.  For anyone who has never tried these before, they resembled a chickpea and sweet potato dumpling. They were crispy on the outside with a hidden soft and tasty centre. More harissa dip was once again a winning accompaniment. The third small plate in this delicious ensemble was the chef’s take on a katsu curry tapas. It’s hard not to go wrong with this sweet and spicy classic and Agenda 87 offers up a choice of grilled chicken, prawns or beef skewers, with that famous curry served as a dipping sauce on the side. On the main dishes section of the menu you can also order the traditional version of the famous katsu which comes accompanied with firecracker rice. (Our delightful waitress considered this dish a real favourite) We spied one a few tables down, as one of the other diners delved in. Judging from the expression on this punters face,  it matches the starter counterpart.

As always it had to be a little something coffee based to finish off the meal,  opting for an espresso alongside something a little sweet was a must! The deconstructed red velvet cheesecake more than sufficed.  Rolled raspberry cheesecake, red velvet crumb, and a passionfruit with orange sorbet. It hit all the high notes, sweet, creamy and tart thanks to the sorbet. If red velvet doesn’t tickle your fancy, they also offer up coconut filled mochi parcels or double chocolate brownies. Amazingly all of these are priced at £5 each, Can we take all three, please?

red-velvet-cakeDeconstructed Red Velvet Cheesecake

When the meals are done, Agenda begins to ramp up the chilled club vibes with a DJ and live entertainment most weekends, perfect to wash down some cocktails before heading off to town or, if you’re brave…The Shed! The bar has a whopping collection of shots, beers and spirits on offer too.  A massive bar and some great fusion Asian dishes make for a perfect Southside hangout. The only regret of the night was not trying them darn Thai Fries, picture this…fries topped with thai green-chilli, melted cheese and topped off tamarind mayo! What’s not to LOVE?

Nothing hidden on the taste Agenda down in Shawlands! That’s for sure. *****