Glasgow, you’re quite the funny bunch, here are a few of our favourite comments discovered on Twitter.

There’s only one #Glasgow. Some of these are surprisingly touching and poignant, some are just downright hilarious.

1. A “Touching” Reunion

We’re guessing there’d be no pat on the back or shaking of hands if this duo ever met up.

2. A Whole New Definition To Owning An En Suite Bathroom

A genuine ad in Glasgow, looking for a tenant. Turns out the bed is in fact a bath and the room on offer is an actual bathroom…a bargain for £450 quid. 

3. A F****** Quality Restaurant

Khublai Khan’s show they’re f****** class at advertising, once again.

4. ‘Ahem’ No Harm In A Little Self Promotion

GlasgowLiving, bringing you the best of Glasgow, in Glasgow.

5. Making You Oddly Proud To Be A Glaswegian

Remarkably poignant, we feel we should all be saluting the statue.

6. N.W.A Would Be So Proud

You can only imagine that brainstorming session, “Now what kind of rhymes with clothes?”

7. Cock a Leekie

As Roy Walker would say; “Say what you see, say what you see”.

8. The Oldest Young Team Member In Glasgow

At what age do you retire from the “young team” in Glasgow.

9. Times Are Hard After Willie Wonka F***** Off in His Great Glass Elevator

No-one thought about the fate of the Oompa Loompa’s after Willie Wonka signed over the Chocolate Factory to Charlie.

10. A Romance of “Titanic” Proportions

Jack I’ll never let you go…See ye later. (Discovered on Twitter.)

11. Better Remember Your Antihistamines

Allergies are quite the severe affliction, certainly not to be sniffed at.

12. Dont Worry Ziggy Stardust Simply Went Home

David Bowie a man simply too ethereal for this world.