When the Fringe descends on the capital, it seems like the only place to be for serious theatrics. If you are up for 24 hour long mayhem and shows coming out your ears, then you know where to head to! If you fancy a relatively calm, but nonetheless fabulous night at the theatre, don’t forget that Glasgow still has you covered. Here are our top picks this month:

The Rocky Horror Show

Image: ATG Tickets

Where: King’s Theatre

When: til August 13th

Why: Because it’s just a jump to the left and a step to the right. Easy peasy and riotous fun.

Music Hall Memories

Image: Facebook

Where: The Britannica Panopticon Music Hall

When: The last Saturday every month

Why: Because you can indulge in a time-travelling journey to the hazy days of the Victorian era music hall. And did we mention it’s FREE? Need more reasons? Check out our article about the hall here.

Rehearsal for Murder

Image: What’s On Glasgow

Where: Theatre Royal Glasgow

When: 22nd – 27th August

Why: It’s the next mysterious serving from the writers of Murder She Wrote – and those guys know how to cook up a thrilling show.

Ghosts of Glasgow

Image: What’s On Glasgow

Where: Webster’s Theatre

When: 23rd – 27th August

Why: It’s the auld yins vs the city council in a quest to save an abandoned playpark. The plan? Invent some likely ghostly tales in the park’s history, thus bringing it back to life via the tales of the dead. Intrigued? Us too!

At Twilight: A play for two actors, three musicians, one dancer, eight masks (and a donkey costume)

Image: What’s On Glasgow

Where: Holmwood House (seriously cool venue, go just for that)

When: 26th – 28th August

Why: An ode to WB Yeats with carefully crafted masks, costumes, and donkeys in the gorgeous setting of Holmwood House, evocative of the place Yeats’ text was conceived, 100 years ago in the midst of war.

Full House

Image: Cumbernauld Theatre

Where: Cumbernauld Theatre

When: 1st – 3rd September (esp for those who are anticipating Fringe-withdrawal symptoms)

Why: A proper down-to-earth Glasgow celebration of life, love, loss, dugs, and dreams. Part of the ‘We Live Here Too’ programme putting the spotlight on local families and true stories. Plus, it’s Craig and Darren’s theatre debut – so bring your best clapping and cheering game!