Never thought we’d say this, but this summer is already better than most of the recent ones, and it isn’t even June yet. All this vitamin D must be going to our heads as we’re now planning fun days out that make the most of the weather, and despite the stereotypical Glaswegian aversion to going outside (can you blame us after hurricane Bawbag?) our city has a range of options to suit all outdoorsy tastes. Don’t forget the suncream!

1. Go Ape – Aberfoyle

ZIP_Girl_8 resized

Scotland’s only Go Ape Treetop Trail can be found in Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, around 40 minutes drive from Glasgow. The highest point is 40m and the zip wires stretch to 426m. Perfect for an exciting family day out, just don’t look down if you suffer from vertigo!

2. Bubble Football Zone

We ranked this one particularly high because it looks like such wonderful, organised chaos. Apparently Demi Lovato does it and you don’t need to be able to football – presumably just good bouncing abilities and a fearless charging technique will secure you bubble glory.

3. Glasgow Wake Park


Wakeboarding is the love child of water-skiing, snowboarding and surfing (good luck figuring that one out) but it is surprisingly quick to pick up. Glasgow Wake Park is in the canal, and offers lessons to get you on your feet and whizzing about in no time.

4. Cambuslang Karting

This particularly appeals to the child in me that loved playing Super Mario races. Suitable for ages 8 and up, this is the perfect way to amuse competitive kids, and that includes the big ones. See you on the track, Glasgow.

5. Bush Craft – Loch Lomond

There are all sorts of amazing outdoor experiences to be had at Loch Lomond but for some reason the Bush Craft sticks out – possibly due to an ongoing obsession with The Island with Bear Grylls and a secret dream of having Lara Croft-level survival skills. Reckon you could survive a night in the wild? There’s only one way to find out.

6. Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre

A hidden gem in Bellahouston Park, this is a great way to get ready for all those skiing holidays you might go on someday, and doing a wee aprés-ski at one of the local bars is another good way to prepare. There are options to suit everyone from complete beginners to veterans, check out the website here.