While Johnny Depp advertises sausages and “Stormtroopers” casually peruse Byres Road on a Saturday night, it really does seem like you’re guaranteed to see something wonderful every time you venture out onto the streets of Glasgow.

And its with that in mind GlasgowLiving brings you…

You Know You’re In Glasgow When…

1. It’s So Cold The Monuments Are All Wearing Bunnets

3.  Traffic Cones Come To Life On Halloween


3. Not Even Stormtroopers Get A Taxi On Byres Road

4. It’s Almost Guaranteed You’ll Stumble Into A Political Demonstration

5. Food Poisoning Is Considered A Delicacy

6. All Advertising Is Considered Good Advertising

7.  The Football Mascots Haunt Your Dreams

8. The Painter and Decorators Are Internationally Renowned

9. Alibis Come At A Price

10. The InterCity Rivalry Is Finally Put To Rest

11. The City Square Is Both A Bed And A Library

12. No One Is Above Being Put In Their Place

Last But Not Least

13. Everybody Is Guaranteed Satisfaction

How do you know when you’re in Glasgow? Leave a comment below…