America F*** Yeah, GlasgowLiving has studiously collated a list of celebrities who have claimed (probably during interviews taking place in Scotland) to have traced their roots back to their home country of Scotland.

Here’s Tae Us. Who’s Like Us? Damn Few And They’re Aw Deed.

1. Jim Parsons (Sheldon)

jim parsons

Yup Sheldon from TV’s brainiest sitcom The Big Bang Theory can trace some of his heritage back to Scotland.

2. Seth MacFarlane

seth mac

Possibly a bit of a give away considering his second name has a massive “mac” shaped clue in it but nevertheless Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame can trace his heritage back to Scotland by way of his grandparents.

3. Jennifer Lawrence


The most popular actress in the world and recently just signed a $20 million dollars deal for her next movie. Jennifer Lawrence can trace her heritage back to Scotland by way of her Scottish grandmother.

4. Jim Morrison


The most enigmatic frontman in rock history traced his heritage back to Scotland AKA The Lizard Man. Legendary Doors singer Jim Morrison’s father’s family were entirely Scottish and hailed from Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

5. Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon can claim heritage from one of the original signatories of the Declaration of Independence. John Witherspoon of Lothian. He was also 6th President of Princeton University.

6. Vin Diesel


The man with the deepest voice in Hollywood was originally named Mark Sinclair, tracing his heritage back to the Orkneys where the Sinclair’s had lived for almost 700 years. His ancestors were responsible for building Kirkwall Castle and another for building Roslyn Chapel near Edinburgh.

7. Kate Upton

kate upton

Kate Upton, one of the worlds most famous models (and one who doesn’t look like she’d rather eat the actual menu than pick something for it) can claim Scottish heritage from her 28th removed Great Grandmother in Dunfermline.

8. Zach Braff

zach braff

The Scrubs star can lay claim to Scottish heritage thanks to relatives in his mothers family tree.

9. Taylor Swift


Country Pop superstar Taylor Swift, dating one of the worlds most eligible bachelors (who also happens to be Scottish) announced to the Scottish crowd that thanks to her dad’s lineage, her roots lay firmly in the land of the midges.

10. Robert Downey Jr

robert downey

Mr Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr can lay claim to having heritage from north of the border thanks to descendants of his Grandmother Elizabeth McLoughlin.

11. Anna Kendrick

anna kendrick

Descending from the Picts, it is said that Anna Kendrick’s family tree travels as far back to Fife in the 11th century.

12 Barack Obama


Probably the world’s most famous man. Barack Obama can trace his ancestors as far back as a 12th century king named William the Lion. In the 17th century Edward FitzRandolph a direct descendant of Obama moved from Scotland to America.