Its came and went once again Glasgow. T in the Park at their new home overlooking the magnificent Strathallan Castle, undoubtedly had a few teething problems this year but the festival still enjoyed one of its most popular years.

We’ve gathered a few of the random highlights and lowlights that ensure T In The Park is one of the world’s most unique festivals.

14. New Beginnings

13. Subo Putting Every TITP Reveller To Shame

12. Unsung Heroes

11. Aye, But Was It Taps Aff Weather

10. Slamming Slam Tent

9. Scott Johnston Might Be In Trouble

8. 3-2-1 Lift Off

7. This Guy Really Loved His Breakfast

6. This Guy Didn’t Get The Memo

5. Last Seen Raving In The Slam Tent

4. No Messing About

3. Noel Gallagher, As Impartial As Ever

2. The Guy Who Really Had To Go For A No.2

1. Here Ronnie, Which Tent Was Yours Again