Staggering, stumbling forward, out of breath, panicking, irregular, laboured breaths reaching the point of hyper ventilation, quick turn this corner. Damn, another dead end. Nothing but darkness. You’ve learned to never walk into darkness. Especially alone, outnumbered and unarmed.

Heel spinning, 180 degrees, you leave the dead end alleyway. Keep the pace, keep the pace, where’s the rest of my Alpha team, how did we separate?

Instantly, the memory screams back into my mind. What horrifying carnage. So much blood. My fault. My fault, feeling my knees buckling in distraught terror, I force myself back to my feet and continue forward.

Pushing the nausea inducing thought of your team, torn limb from limb, out of your mind, anywhere, but replaying repeatedly over and over in your mind.

What was that? Looking around, nothing but a long dark empty road. Starting to become delusional, dehydrated. It won’t be long now. They’re coming, they always do.

Relentless, void of emotion, soulless, no traces of what made them human in the first place. Incessant, incalculable hunger, an unquenchable thirst for blood.

What does it even mean to be human anymore, look around, if it’s not the undead lunging to tear out your throat, it’s the tribes, the last remnants of civilisation, a cultureless culture, who never hesitate to disable you, steal your supplies and leave you as bait for the shuffling monsters. It seems clear that the age of man is over.

Unless you complete your mission. Civilisation falls. “If you fail, we all fail.” You tell yourself.

You must get the package to the checkpoint, you must ensure life goes on.

Damn. Dropped into a daydream again, immediately hearing a snarl of bloodlust, you sense a putrid air of breath drip down the back of your neck. The hair on the nape of your neck stands endlessly. Suddenly your training assimilates.

Turning and falling backwards, you dodge the creatures lunge, crashing to the ground, you pull an unknown reserve of energy and quickly rise from the dirt. Sprinting away from danger, you glance back to see the horrifying creation begin to chase you.

Disorientated, terrified, but nevertheless alive, you pursue forward with a renewed sense of belief. “Hold on, hold on”, you tell yourself, “just a little more further.”

Continuing forward, you remind yourself, there’s one thing, you have, they want, but something they can never acquire? Hope!

Welcome to 2.8 Hours Later: Ruin

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Welcome to the most terrifying, exhilarating reality based game in existence.

Will you complete the mission? Will you survive the night.

The human race’s survival, depends on it.