Wining, Dining and hopefully 69ing! GlasgowLiving asks, is that all romance consists of in this day and age of social media and our impatient culture. What happened to taking a person out, getting to know them, and waiting, before you make the proverbial beast with two backs.

GlasgowLiving, we’ve been a lot of dates in our time, some good, some terrible, we mean really, really reaaaaally awful, but we wish we had ammo preparing us for any romantic liaisons. Instead for the most part, we suggested crawling about Sauchiehall Street attempting to drink the bars dry.

Worry no more, as GlasgowLiving provides you with 9 places that should guarantee a perfect date and maybe even that illustrious second. (We can’t do anything about your horrible dress sense, or your unnatural love for 70’s Scandinavian folk music unfortunately.)

9 Mini Golf @ Intu Braehead


Cheesy but brilliant, especially because it gives the winner bragging rights, you could even put a little wager on it, winner gets a peck on the cheek. Lowers inhibitions, takes the tension out the date and we don’t know if you’ve noticed but Mini Golf is pretty fun.

8. Intu Braehead



If Mini Golf isn’t your thing but are the adventurous types, Intu Braehead has plenty of other activities on offer, skiing/sledging, climbing, freefalling, and other exciting stuff. Theres even a 6D motion ride experience. (We’re not entirely sure what that means but it sounds amazing.)

7. Bowling @ Hollywood Bowl


Hold on! Hear us out, we know it sounds like something that Marty McFly would have tried to help his geeky dad woo his mum, but bowling is another brilliant way to add a little competition, without coming across like an aggressive, win at all costs maniac.

6. Roller Disco @ RollerStop


At least we’ve moved away from the 50’s cliche toward the 70’s cliche. But with Glasgow welcoming its new RollerDisco, it seems a great time to go and discover once again, that you are awful at skating, your balance is terrible and your bones are old. All while trying to nonchalantly impress your date.

5. Tiki Bar

tiki bar

Arguably the coolest bar in Glasgow, exotic cocktails, free popcorn, there’s even a fuseball table (y’no if you’re a win at all cost maniac) but even knowing where the place is will earn you brownie points with your prospective romantic partner. Seriously you can’t go wrong with Tiki.

4. Sapporro Teppanyaki


Remember the old “don’t play with your food” adage your parents would berate you with? Well you should never have listened to them because the chefs at Sapporo Teppanyaki have turned toying with food into an art-form. From catching eggs to dancing fish, these guys have made cooking food look glorious. Your date will be culturally impressed if you take them along to this Merchant City restaurant.

3. October Rooftop Bar


Sadly Glasgow’s weather leaves a lot to be desired. Probably why there are very few rooftop bars available, but suggest visiting October on a first date and the future Mr/Mrs (Insert surname here) will be putty in your arms. You can look forward to marriage, divorce, costly court proceedings and eventually death.

2. Wild Cabaret



If you’re dull and you’re looking to pretend you have a sense of humour, then Wild Cabaret’s comedy night is the exact place for you and your future partner in crime. Thursday night brings the cream of the Scottish comedy crop to Wild Cabaret, and with the option of drinks and a meal. Perfect for a first date. (We advise you to sit nearer the back to avoid the focus of any comedian, they can sense the fear.)

1. Baltic Ice Bar


The only thing that won’t be cold when you head along to Baltic Ice Bar in Braehead…? No! Your hearts, you dirty perverts. Your hearts will be warmed while you spend time close to each other in Glasgow’s first bar, made entirely of ice.