No matter your thoughts on Hallmark holidays, your mother has put up with a lot of sass from you over the years.

Adolescent misbehaviour, slammed doors, drunk escapades and late night phone calls to pick you up from a techno rave at an unidentified abandoned farm. Guaranteed she’ll bust your balls, but she’ll never break your heart.

Dont leave your gift to the last minute Glasgow, GlasgowLiving brings you seven gifts ideas that will 100% per cent guarantee you win Mother’s Day.

7. Afternoon Tea @ Corinthian


Make sure that your Mother’s Day gift lasts long in the memory. (Especially if you’re trying to outdo your siblings) Guarantee yourself favouritism with a champagne lunch @ Corinthian for less than £20 per person.

6. Mother’s Day Cocktail Masterclass @ Arta

cocotail masterclass

Why not treat your mother to an afternoon of her favourite hobby. Mixing and drinking alcohol, (well do you blame her, we’re pretty sure you’ve driven her to the loony juice with your escapades.)

Arta are offering a Mother’s Day Cocktail Masterclass, free recipes to take home, three cocktails to make during the afternoon and an optional two course meal.

5. Helicopter Ride Over the Clyde

helicopter ride over gLASGOW

Fancy a real alternative to a Mothers Day present? What about a helicopter ride above the streets of Glasgow? View the city in a way that only pilots, gravity defying superheroes (Or Godzilla) are able. Dates might change, prior to actual helicopter ride.

4. 3 Course meal @ Marco Pierre White, Steakhouse Bar and Grill

marco pierre white

One of Glasgow’s newest restaurants is offering a 3 course Mothers Day meal for under £35. Michelin Star winning Marco Pierre White promised Glasgow a restaurant providing only the finest meals, Why not take mum across to see what all the fuss is about. Vouchers are also available if Mother’s Day doesn’t suit.

3. Vase of 2 dozen milk chocolate red roses @

Mothers Day

Sick of spending a fortune on flowers, sneezing like a leper, and within days, watching them wilt like the sunflower in ET? Well why not get your mum something alternate and extraordinary. What about a dozen milk chocolate pink roses. Individually wrapped chocolate roses, satisfying mother’s need for both chocolate and flowers. (Best tell yer mammy beforehand, not to water them.)

2. Shellac Nails, @ Kenneth Edwards Beauty

mothers day

Mother’s Day is all about taking care of your mum, (but not in the mafia sense.) If when choosing a present it also happens to benefit you what a happy coincidence. Kenneth Edwards Beauty is offering two manicures for less than £25. The voucher runs until the 14th of April, so even if Mother’s Day doesn’t suit, there are still plenty of other days to choose from.

1. Spa day (various premises)


How about a little rest and relaxation for the mother? Promising some of the highest quality spa days in Glasgow and with prices ranging from £30-£70, SpaBreaks can guarantee there will be a Mother’s Day package suitable for every pocket.