GlasgowLiving takes on the Spy Room on Bath Street’s The Room.

The challenge is simple, you and your team of undercover agents have been tasked with the responsibility of defending your country. You and your team must prove a powerful businessman wishes and has the necessary means to commit a heinous act of .

You must thwart him because if he succeeds the landscape of the free world will be changed forever.

All that stands between the businessman’s goal and the total destruction of western civilisation? Your crack team of undercover spies and you.

The coast is clear, you and your team make your way into his office, the door is bolted. You now have an hour to solve The Room.


Bath Street’s The Room puts you in the shoes of an undercover spy, searching for clues and solving puzzles that will lead to you discovering evidence, uncovering the terrorists’ devious plan and this businessman’s reason to be involved with such crimes.

If you recall and enjoyed the Crystal Maze, and the type of riddles that were involved during a mental game, you can understand the requirements asked of you when attempting to solve the riddle and escape The Room.

There are five rooms available to solve, each with a different storyline. They are Spy Room, Identity Room, Party Room, Mansion Room and Good Company Room.

There are also specific activities suited for children parties, work events, christmas parties and soon there will be a game room designed especially for couples to solve.

Escape rooms and storylines will be updated and changed frequently, ensuring the challenges are never the same and also their popularity shan’t wane. 

On the first floor of an unassuming office building on Bath Street, it seems quite fitting that espionage on a world scale and the very fate of civilisation is unravelling, while everyday life, simultaneously carries on, completely oblivious. (There is even a legitimate opticians downstairs as you walk in.)

Without giving any clues away, the only chance you have of escaping the Room is through co-operation and good old fashioned teamwork.

riddle room

The Room will be open on Monday from 5.30pm, Tuesday – Friday from 4pm and Saturday – Sunday from 10am. The venue closes at 10pm every night.

There are very few age limitations to take part in the Spy Room, however it is recommended that no one under the age of nine take part. The Identity Room, ages 16 and above, and for kids parties it is requested that participants be 10 and over.

In The Room everybody has a role to play, it’s only by working together that you can possibly hope to prevent WW3.

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P.S without sounding too boastful, the GlasgowLiving team escaped The Room with three minutes to go.