With Fathers Day right around the corner, if you’re anything like the team at GlasgowLiving, we tend never to really know what kind of present to get them. (A large bar of Bourneville chocolate just won’t cut it anymore.)

So whatever style of dad you have, we should have something in our list to accommodate. Let’s be honest, we say we wont but we’ll probably end up leaving it to the last minute.

Here’s ten things your Dad will love.

10. Shawfield Greyhound Track

Does your Dad like a wee flutter, on the gee-gees? (No idea what that means but we heard a big man say it in the pub.) Well what about a night out at the dog races in Rutherglen? Over 18s only, sorry. You never know you might win big.

9. Johnny Cash Tribute @ The Ferry (20th June)

Does your old man, love a bit of the man in black? The Ferry at Anderson Quay has a fantastic tribute night, to one of the pioneers of old school country. Truly not to be missed.

8. Gilded Balloon Comedy @ Drygate (19th June)

Does your dad fancy himself as a bit of a comedian. (Seriously they “your mum” jokes are getting a bit old.) Why not take him along for a bot of “Dry” humour, at Gilded Balloon Comedy Drygate. Comedy, Craft Beer, and fearless food under the one roof.

7. Eden Mill Distillery Tour

Does your pops prefer a wee half, a little delectable dram of the water of life? well why not get him out of Glasgow and a quick jaunt up to St Andrews for a tour of Eden Mill’s Distillery. There’s even a wee taster session as well.

6. Jurassic World @ IMAX  (Various)

Is the dad in your life, a bit of a movie buff? Does he salivate at the mere mention of amber, DNA, and the promise of wild dinosaurs mauling innocent civilians? Well you’re in luck because Jurassic Park sequel Jurassic World is “running and um screaming” to your nearest IMAX. P.s watch out for rippling cups of water.

5. Segway Driving

Still cool enough to put a smile on anybodies face. Segway Driving could be perfect if your dad is the type to take things in his stride, comfortable to go at his own pace, and unfazed by whatever life throws his way, a day driving about on a Segway could be right up his street.

4. 4×4 Off-Road Driving Experience

Does your dad like the rough and tumble of life, does he enjoy the battle almost as much as the taste of victory? A Four by four off road driving experience, will be perfect for him, after a little tuition from qualified instructors, he will be let loose to tear the road up.

3. Tennent’s Wellpark Tour

If your Dad loves the taste of one of Scotland’s most popular lagers, why not treat him to a guided tour around the brewery where the golden liquid is brewed. With more than 450 years of brewing tradition, your dad can learn all about how they create one of Scotland’s most iconic of lagers.

2. West Experience

Does your “auld da”, prefer a bit of the hipster vibe and enjoy a craft beer over a common beer? Well what about tour tickets for West Brewery, Glasgow’s world famous micro brewery. On the 45 minute tour, you can learn about the painstaking and studious process that is needed to create all West beers.

1. City of Glasgow Helicopter Scenic Tour

Does your father epitomise the very definition of high-flier? Well why not let him take to the literal and metaphorical skies, by purchasing him a Helicopter Scenic Tour of Glasgow. Enjoy a view of Glasgow that very few people (pilots excluded) will ever enjoy the pleasure of.