How many pints of Tennent’s would you estimate you’ve drank? Well did you know that at any one time there are 25 million pints of lager stored in containment cylinders onsite at Wellpark (the enormous cylindrical things that look like cans, except on a massive scale). Welcome to the Tennent’s Tour.

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GlasgowLiving were lucky enough to be invited along to Glasgow’s famous Wellpark Brewery for the Tennent’s Tour, and it was genuinely a lot of fun (even before the free pint of Tennent’s crossed our paths.), it was also very interesting, at little more than an hour long, at no point do you find yourself glancing at your watch.

As it turns out GlasgowLiving and Tennent’s are irrevocably intertwined, perhaps on a cosmic level, and no we’re not talking about how many pints we drink.

Francesca, one of the GlasgowLiving team, her mum, Sandra, was a member of the very prestigious Lager Lovelies crew.

One of Tennent’s greatest advertising campaigns, it ran for nearly 30 years and with the campaign long but consigned to the history books, the cans are now highly sought after and collectors will purchase them at considerable expense.

Andrew, our tour guide was very knowledgable, and very self deprecating, some of the more random facts that we discovered were, Tennent’s was actually inspired by German brewing techniques.  In 1885 when the first drink of Tennent’s was produced by Hugh Tennent, it was because of Hugh having travelled to Europe discovering massively popular, lighter lagers. (You could call Tennent’s the original craft lager, because at the time nobody drank pale lager, although the beard love, hipster glasses and terrible taste in socks is more of a modern thing.)


We were also told that technically the quickest place to grab yourself a pint of Tennent’s is TITP and since the festivals conception more than 3 million pints have been drunk by revellers visiting Scotland’s most famous festival.

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Without wanting to give away to many of the tour secrets, but just enough to entice you to pop along, did you know that people have been brewing on the Wellpark site for more than 450 years, and originally the water used to brew was drawn from Glasgow’s mythical Molendinar Burn.

The Molendinar Burn is responsible for, don’t forget, the building blocks that created and expanded the city of Glasgow, when it was little more than a burn and a man named Mungo. Nowadays the water from your pint is piped directly from Loch Katrine, exactly 46 km away.

Loch Katrine

The tour winds its way through the different processes that go into making the perfect can/pint of Tennent’s, production lines, maltesers, bottling line, its quite the process. It’s incredible to think that with three simple ingredients and more than 100 years experience you can create Scotland’s most famous lager.

With thanks to Andrew, our splendid tour guide, GlasgowLiving highly recommends visiting the Wellpark Brewery Tennent’s Tour.

P.s. In case you were wondering you do get to try various samples and even get the chance to taste a refreshing pint of Tennent’s itself, (other drinks are available).