Taxi app Uber has teamed up with Glasgow Living to bring our readers an amazing offer – up to £15 off their first taxi ride!

glasgow-living-x-uberGlasgow, as gorgeous as it is, is a pretty big city and there are great areas all spread out. So whether you are dining in the South Side, then decide to have drinks in Ashton Lane, then party in the City Centre, a cab is the easiest way to travel around.

And as all Glaswegians will know, this ain’t always easy. That was until Uber arrived… In a noisy pub and don’t want to go outside with the smokers? All you need to do it tap the app. Unsure exactly where you are? The driver will know your exact location. Payment is also done online, so no need to worry about lifting cash.

Uber has also recently launched its ‘scheduled rides’ service exclusively to customers in Central London, allowing them to book their lift weeks in advance – as of Saturday, the ride-sharing giant extended this service to Glasgow, as well as 7 other cities in the UK.

Rides can be booked anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 days in advance, with Uber automatically arranging pickup details as your departure time approaches. As is stands, this service is only available on the budget UberX platform.

Not only this, Glasgow Living are excited to announce that we are teaming up with Uber to offer you up to £15 off your first ride. All you have to do is sign up to Uber with the code GLASGOWLIVING16 for a fab discount.

Don’t forget to let us know by using the hashtag #GlasgowLivingxUber and show us your ‘uber’ fun first ride!