It’s back! The Prince and Princess of Wales hospice have announced that Glasgow Green is the place to be on 27th August, as the legendary course is inflated once more and groups of well-meaning folk are left to its mercy in the name of charity. And entertainment, let’s be honest. You and your carefully selected team must navigate the course, you may or may not be wearing silly inflatable outfits and fingers crossed for some comedy tumbles – it is all for charity after all.

If you want to take part, then here is the link for getting involved.

And if you aren’t convinced by that, then we’re sure that this carefully curated gallery of pics will do the trick. See you on the Green!

As well as this wee gem found deep in Youtube territory. Features Gary Lineker showing his drawers and Cliff Richard leaping over things, amongst many other great things. Apparently known as the most embarrassing moment in the history of the Royal Family, and it now features a slightly unnerving American voiceover. Enjoy!