Whyte & Mackay will be ‘reflecting’ on its home city this week, creating a mirror image of Glasgow, with a difference. The brand is paying homage to the spirit of the city, which has played a big part in creating the whisky’s smooth taste and character since it was founded in Glasgow in 1844.

A surprising mirror will pop up in city centre locations, startling passers-by, by ‘speaking’ to those who stand before it. When a local stops to look in the seemingly inconspicuous mirror, words will magically appear on the glass – reminding them to ‘Stay Smooth’ and complimenting their look with some typically Glaswegian charm.

Whyte & Mackay Mirror Laura Cameron poses in front of the Whyte & Mackay mirror in Glasgow's Merchant City. 28/9/16 Picture © Andy Buchanan 2016
Image: Whyte & Mackay

And it’s not just making small talk…everyone who interacts with the mirror will be in line for a voucher for dram so they can toast their smoothness at a one of the following bars: Blackfriars, Sloans, The Griffin, Maggie May’s and Brel.*

The person who best embodies Glasgow’s inherent sense of style will be selected to feature in an upcoming ‘Stay Smooth, Glasgow’ exhibition, which opens to the public in November. This will picture colourful personalities from throughout the city, shot by award-winning Glaswegian photographer David Boni, whose iconic body of work was recently exhibited at the prestigious Retina Scottish International Photography Festival.**

Jen McCormick, Brand Manager at Whyte & Mackay, said: “Glaswegians carry themselves with style, but also a confidence and wit that is unique to the city.

“Our talking mirror is a bit of fun, but it’s our way of reflecting on the smooth characters that make Glasgow what it is – and in turn, that have shaped our surprisingly smooth blended Scotch whisky.”

Alongside the chatty, interactive mirror, Whyte and Mackay has also placed a number of static mirrors in prime spots around the city, further reminding Glaswegians to ‘Stay Smooth’ as they admire their reflection.

Whyte & Mackay’s talking mirror will pop up in city centre locations on: 30th September and 1st, 6th, 7th and 8th of October.

Clues on the mirror’s whereabouts will be posted on Whyte and Mackay’s social media channels: www.facebook.com/whyteandmackay www.twitter.com/whyteandmackay


*Available while stocks last