Ahh, drunken decisions. Such as the classic: Should I text my ex? Nah, I’m going to go one better and send them an aubergine in the post instead. Best way to get over someone.

Many of life’s best decisions start in a great bar on an unassuming evening, so with that in mind, here are the big fun Glasgow bars to go for a few drinks and enjoy some witty banter … and we take no responsibility for whatever might happen after that.

1. Lebowskis

Image: Lewbowski’s Facebook

Best for: People-watching the fashionable crowd, going out in your dressing gown in the name of the Dude.

Drinks decisions: ‘Another Caucasian, Gary!’ – we love the Brandt White Russian – honey vodka and white chocolate liqueur.

2. Max’s Bar

Image: maxsbar.co.uk

Best for: going for a pint, ending up rat-arsed trying to dance on the bar downstairs.

Drinks decisions: One of the many beers on tap. Or cocktails. Or shots. They have everything you could need.

3. Gin 71

Image: Gin 71 Facebook

Best for: getting ready for a glam night out. If you’re going to make bad drunk decisions, then you’re at least going to look classy whilst you do it.

Drink decisions: A teapot of gin. Classy drunkeness, just like we said.

4. Flat 0/1

Image: Flat 0/1

Best for: hosting a flat party with no clean-up responsibility, dancing so much you raise the roof (this actually happened, there is photo proof).

Drinks decisions: Strawberry MD. Well, you did ask.

5. Nice n Sleazy

Image: nicensleazy.com

Best for: Pretending to be with the band.

Drinks decisions: Whatever the cool kids are drinking.

6. Drygate

Image: Drygate Facebook

Best for: Making your way through each of their craft beers in the name of research.

Drink decisions: The mango-flavoured Disco Forklift Truck Pale Ale. Every drunk decision can be reached with a disco forklift truck.

7. The Rum Shack

Image: The Rum Shack Facebook

Best for: Sunning in the (heated – thank god) beer garden, then dancing to reggae with more enthusiasm than skill.

Drinks Decisions: All the rum.

8. Maggie Mays

Image: Maggie Mays Facebook

Best for: A busy, buzzy atmosphere that’ll have you feeling tipsy and dancey in no time. It’s a bit of a mouthful of a quote, but it’s true.

Drinks decision: See above photo. They have everything. Personal fave is a £2.50 malt of the month.

9. Boteco Do Brasil

Image: Boteco Do Brasil Facebook

Best for: salsa class, latin beats and drinking enough cocktails that you could convince yourself you’d actually made it to South America on a night out.

Drinks Decisions: The Watermelon Martini just tastes like juicy goodness. Alcoholic, juicy goodness. You’ll be shaking those hips in no time.

10. Riding Room

Image: Riding Room Facebook

Best for: Throwing the rule book out the window (but not before covering it with feathers and sparkles and swinging it around your head a few times). Something about excellent cabaret makes you impulsive. Glittery, yes, and impulsive.

Drinks decisions: A £3 cocktail. Or five.