Dry mouth? Pounding headache? Questioning your role in society? Accompanied by “The Fear”.

Hmm sounds to us like a hangover and Glasgow Living has experienced a few in our time. Here’s 11 of the best hangover cures in Glasgow. (Rumours of mystical qualities are unproven as of yet.)

1. Irn Bru


A bloomin can/bottle of Irn Bru from the newsagent. (Or if drunk you is feeling generous, they’ll pick one up the night before.)

2. Frozen Yogurt


Burning up, feeling a little queasy? Sounds like you need a frozen yogurt from Cheer me up Froyo in Shawlands, healthy and tasty.

3. Health Drink


Feeling rough? Time for a health drink @ Flavour Company on Great Western Road.

4. Ice Cream


Can’t stomach a smoothie, needing a sugar kick, how about some quality ice cream @ Gelateria Byres Road?

5. Waffles


Needing something a bit more carbtastic? Waffles @ Waffle Monster, Sauchiehall street, should sort you right out.

6. More Ice Cream


But wait, what if its the hustle and bustle of Glasgow ruining you? Make a break for it and head to Queens Cafe, Victoria Road. Going strong for more than 60 years.

7. Milkshakes


Irn Bru milkshake @ Big Licks West End, (so what if Irn Bru’s made the list twice.)

8. Tango Ice Blast


A trip to the cinema. (More importantly a glorious Tango Ice Blast.)

9. Pancakes


Kill those hunger/hangover pangs, with pancakes from TriBeCa, Glasgow’s famous American style diner.

10. Even More Ice Cream


Baskin Robbins, Buchanan Galleries- when ordinary ice cream just won’t do, 31 varieties of heaven.

11. Booze


All else fails, just get right back on it, Camperdown Place Bar next to Queen Street Station serves booze and breakfast from 8am.

Happy hunting!