Bored of the basic, Glasgow? Sick of the same? Tired of the typical? Well why don’t you give one of these funky dishes a try?

GlasgowLiving brings you 12 of the craziest meals available in Glasgow. How many have you tried?

12. Buckfast Bacon Burger @ MiniBar

mini bar

Buckfast, the media’s ultimate monster, responsible for the destruction of modern society as we know it…being used to marinate bacon? 7oz burger, camembert cheese, Buckfast bacon, haggis, coleslaw and parmesan chips. P.S. Don’t tell the newspapers.

11. Half Pint of Haggis @ The Beer House

Where to begin with the Half H.N.T. Recently made the news for its bonkers serving technique, haggis, neeps and potato served in an old fashioned half pint tumbler. The funny thing though? It has been served this way for nearly a year and is apparently a firm favourite in the pub because of its unique serving technique.

10. Donut Burger @ The Crafty Pig

donut burger

With a calorie count of about 6 million, only those with large appetites should be trying the doughnut burger. Two patties of succulent meat, Coca Cola BBQ sauce (seriously), double cheese, and bacon, encompassed within two sides of a donut. Served with salad and chips. Be warned show any weakness and the burger will destroy you.

9. Octopus @ Nanakusa

Considered a delicacy in many cultures, Takoyaki (octopus) is usually rolled up or diced and wrapped in batter, cooked it on a specialised pan. As we said a delicacy in many countries.

8. Chicken Hearts @ Viva Brazil

181113 Food photography at Viva Brazil, Cardiff PIC: Matthew Horwood / - cardiff food photography, cardiff food photographer

Yup tiny little chicken hearts, only the most carnivorous of us will attempt them. Waste not, want not, as they say. Viva Brazil is a true carnivores dream.

7. Pan Roasted Wood Pigeon @ MiniBar

The friendly looking pigeons in your back garden, (not the diseased looking ones in George Square) Mini Grill are pan roasting them, with wild leaf, wheat nest, roast fig along with lavender smoke.

6. Shark @ Khublai Khan

khublai khan

Take your vengeance Glasgow. Did you suffer shark induced childhood nightmares after being forced to watch Jaws by your older sibling? Well its time to strike back after all those years of wetting the bed.

5. Braised Ox Tongue @ Stravaigin

Ox Tongue for dinner? Sounding slightly like a failed Monty Python sketch, ox tongue is actually one of Canada and North America’s most popular imports.

4. Kangaroo Steak @ Walkabout

kangaroo steak

Probably the first diner in Glasgow to serve kangaroo steak on their menu, and guess what? It’s actually pretty tasty, low in saturated fat and with Walkabout’s low prices you will not be hopping mad afterwards. (Sorry)

3. Zebra @ Khublai Khan

A second mention for Khublai Khan, talk about an exotic menu, and its all cooked on their barbecue. Originating in Mongolia. Ostrich is also available on the menu, as well as wild boar. If you can, Khublai Khan.

2. Slow Cooked Pig Cheeks @ Stravaigin

pigs cheeks

Moving on from the pulled pork phenomenon Stravaigin are offering slow cooked pig cheeks. Traditionally brined for several days before cooking, you can be pretty sure that you wont have to sit in the restaurant for that amount of time.

1. Not Dog @ Bloc

Not Dog

A hot dog with a difference. Nearly 50 ingredients go into making the vegetarian friendly, Not Dog. Quorn, sweet potato, Monterey Jack cheese, mint, and dozens more, to make quite the concoction. Worth a try even if you prefer the taste of animal flesh passing across your lips.