It’s the 21st century Glasgow, and cocktails are cool. In 2014 the alcohol industry in the UK was worth more than £11 billion pounds. Which means one specific thing, that the general public like a quiet libation or two.

Did you know that the literary genius Ernest Hemingway’s favourite cocktail was a daiquiri? One of his most famous quotes “My mojito in the Bodeguita del Medio and my daiquiri in the Floridita” stemmed from tasting them in Cuba. Sadly, we can’t spend time trying cocktails in Cuba. Don’t let that stop you from trying a wee daiquiri though.

Here are 6 of the best available in Glasgow. (We are not responsible for any pirate behaviour that might occur after consumption.)

Strawberry Frozen/Unfrozen Daiquiri – Maggie Mays

Maggie May

Delicious, nutritious (on account of the crushed fruit) and altogether ambitious. The daiquiris in Maggie Mays are sublime, using a blender, the ingredients are mixed together to create what could almost be described as a slush puppy (for adults obviously), relatively harmless to the bank balance and always concocted to the highest of standards. Lovely.

Watermelon Frozen Daiquiri – October

watermelon daiquiri

Fancy sipping a cocktail with the upper echelons of Glasgow society? Well sadly they’re busy doing important activities. But you can still bump into some dashing men and delightful ladies at October in Princes Square. October offers a simply exquisite Watermelon Frozen Daiquiri, using real fruit, and quality rum, the cocktail is (similar to Maggie Mays) blended and served. A real palate pleaser of a cocktail.

Strawberry Sail – Bar Soba


A real treat for the tastebuds, Bar Soba’s Strawberry Sail used vanilla based Sailor Jerry to give their daiquiri a unique flavour different from many of the others bars in the city centre. With “on the rocks” and blended options available.  Strawberry Sail is a must for any daiquiri fans out there.

Daiquiri/Challenge Your Bartender – Metropolitan


The Metropolitan is quite unique. You can either stick to their tried and tested daiquiri flavours, or go rogue and pick randomly, similar to a cocktail version of the Countdown numbers round. The main difference is that instead of feeling like a plank of wood at the end of the round, you instead are presented with a lovely/horrifying cocktail. What a rush though.

Tiki Bar – Angostura Laced Daiquiri


For a cocktail fan, Tiki Bar is a representation of heaven: free popcorn, casual table football and the craziest cocktails known to man. Daiquiris blended with angostura are particularly regal. Don’t worry if you’re afraid of their big bad cocktails, they still offer the less intimidating old fashioned type. (Where’s the fun in that though?)

Daiquiri – Blue Dog

blue dog

Winners of Glasgow’s Top Bar 2015, Blue Dog is undoubtedly one of the best at cocktail mixology as well. Blending prestigious Chairman’s Rum through their daiquiri gives a very unique and unforgettable flavour. Be careful though, they will go straight to your head.