Street food, is incredibly popular in Glasgow, perfect for everyone with a hunger level somewhere between ease of access fast food and satisfying but equally formal restaurant visitation. Street Food bridges the gap between both perfectly.

We present you 6 of the best street food venues in Glasgow.

6. Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, West Regent Street

Babu Bombay Street Kitchen in Glasgow's West Regent Street. Picture: Robert Perry

Babu Street Kitchen is a brilliant addition to Glasgow’s Street Food economy, serving authentic curry dishes in portions leaving you’re hunger quashed but at the same time, with the ability to walk and not curl up and hibernate like the North American Bear. Using only the freshest ingredients ensures that Babu is not only tasty but healthy as well.

5. Hanoi Bike Shop, Ruthven Lane (Hillhead Underground)


A real hidden gem, you could leave the Glasgow Subway via the Hillhead exit hundreds of times and never be aware of the Hanoi’s existence but that little cafe type thing you walk past through the tunnel is actually one of the best purveyors of street food in Glasgow. Selling Vietnamese based food and Tofu made from scratch every morning Hanoi Bike Shops generous opening hours also means that morning noon or night, you can be guaranteed a tasty and nourishing meal.

4. Pomme Frites, Sauchiehall Street


Yeah Baby. Love chips and only chips? Feel that nowhere provides for your particular tastes. Well worry no more because Pomme Frites (French for potato chips) on Sauchiehall Street will be right up your alleyway. Unashamedly a homage to the wonderful world of chips. The Belgian originated venue provides sauces seasoning and a host of other goodies to turn chips into more than just the stereotypical roll and chips. (Rolls are unavailable and will be met with a look of derision.) Amazing chips though.

3. Section 33, (Mystery Venue)


Epitomising everything amazing about the Street Food Scene, Section 33 takes the idea and creates something epic. Could be compared to the way Andy Warhol or Banksy subverted the outside worlds rigid perspective of art. Imagine Industrial Guerrilla Style Eating and you’re somewhere to grasping the atmosphere Section 33 is trying to create. Wonderful, exciting and a little bit mad, kind of like the city of Glasgow itself. (Section 33 also donate a lot of proceedings to charity.)

2. Pinto, (various venues across Glasgow)


Fancy a Mexican burrito? Well you’re in luck because Pinto provides a brilliant taste of Mexican street food. Burritos, quesadillas, tacos, nachos and even salads ensures you wont be stuck for choice. Be warned though, the food can be a little spicy, so double check before ordering, (trust us we’re speaking from experience.)

1. Usha’s Indian St Food


Usha’s situated in the heart of Glasgow’s West End, offers a slice of Indian Street Food in the heart of hipster land. With all dishes being of tapas size and shareable, the Byres Road based venue is hoping to bring social nature back to the heart of the eating experience. With meals to suit even the tamest of tongues you can be sure to find a dish accommodating every particular taste bud. Usha’s also guarantees your street food within 15 minutes of ordering. Or your meal comes free